Aug 23, 2011

yesterday was a good day

for several reasons.  PJ got some awesome news on the job front, and we got to see the first shots of Baby #2 dancing around in my tummy. 

I felt more nervous about the first trimester this go around than I did with Cara.  Add that to some scheduling issues at the doctor's office, and you have one crazy mama who had to wait 12 weeks to even hear a heartbeat!  (And your mind can play some silly tricks on you in that span of time.  I had moments of wondering if I was making up this pregnancy thing to make myself feel better for getting chubby.  Seriously.)  Even though I was worried, I kind of think waiting until 12 weeks was better because the ultrasound pictures were great.  I could definitely see a real baby, not just the tadpole blob that first ultrasounds usually show.  I was so relieved and excited that I almost cried.

That totally looks like a baby, right?

I've been trying to explain the situation to Cara.  Here's how the conversation went yesterday:

Me:  Cara, do you want to be a big sister? (lots of enthusiasm and smiles)
Cara:  (without even looking up) Not right now, Mommy.
Me:  Cara, there's a baby in Mommy's tummy, remember?
Cara:  No, Cara tummy.
Me:  No, Mommy's tummy!
Cara:  No, Cara tummy! (lots and lots of giggles)

I guess we'll keep working on that one...


  1. WooooooHoooooo Congrats!


  2. Cara is going to be a GREAT big sister!

    And yay for such good news all around. Job & baby? Best day ever!

  3. Congrats again! So cool to see your new little one :)

  4. Congrats so much Jessica! Your picture is adorable! I can totally understand the anxiety of the first trimester. I am in the same boat, but about 3 weeks behind! Cara will come around and be a fabulous Big Sister! Congrats again and hope all goes well!

  5. Yay, Yay, Yay, Alexis!!! Congratulations!! That's such wonderful news!!


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