Sep 26, 2011

fall fashion week--let's all wear leggings!

I wore my very first pair of adult leggings today.  It was a big step forward for me.

dress: Motherhood Maternity (from way back in the day)
leggings, shoes: Target
necklace: gift from my MIL

I have this image of leggings the way I wore them in third grade, with two different colored socks, Chuck Taylors, and a long t-shirt knotted on the side.  With a side ponytail, of course.  Because of this, it's been hard for me to jump on this trend wagon, but then I discovered maternity leggings.  I probably could have skipped the leggings entirely since my dress is pretty long and it was warm enough to go without, but once I put them on, I couldn't take them off.  It was like a giant hug.  In fact, I may never take these off.

Cara needed some leggings today too.  They matched her second new dress perfectly.  The cuteness almost sent me over the edge.

dress: mama made it
leggings and fake crocs: Target


  1. you look adorable! i made fun of people who wore leggings for years....until i bought my first pair as an adult (about four years ago.) I LOVED THEM! and i lived in them during my second pregnancy. they are cheap, amazing, and cute with so many different things. :) i'm definitely a leggings convert!

  2. You girls are rocking the leggings! I can't believe you MADE that dress. Cutest thing ever!!

  3. You are the most gorgeous prego lady EVER!!! I'm thinking I might finally jump on the legging train this winter after seeing how cute-dorable you guys look :)

  4. You look great!! I too was hesitant about leggings...until I tried them recently ;)
    I always love finding another blogger that sews. Your daughter is adorable!

    P.S. I LOVE your dress from yesterdays post!

  5. You two are just the cutest! I agree about the whole leggings, thing, I still feel weird when I do wear them.

  6. Cara's dress is so adorable. And I love, love, love your necklace. Leggings always make me a little casual, but the comfort level they bring is wonderful!

  7. Those pigtails!!! To die for :) PS. You both rock your leggings

  8. i love all the little dresses you've been making! talented lady!

  9. You are very talented indeed, thanks for posting your photos

  10. Looking good mama! I'm sure you'll learn to love leggings!


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