Sep 25, 2011

fall fashion week--Sunday

I know that Fall Fashion Week over at Emery's blog actually started yesterday, but I have to confess that I didn't manage the whole "getting dressed" thing yesterday.  There's no sickness or anything that prevented me from taking a shower and putting clothing on; I just didn't want to.  I needed a Saturday of resting, not leaving my house, and (wait for it...) SEWING!  

I know this isn't what people typically do when they need a day off, but it works for me.  This past week felt like it would never end and I was at a constant state of 5:30 in the morning, so I decided to take the weekend off from the world.  I made my little family hang out with me at Hobby Lobby on Friday night (wild times) so that I could pick out some fall-ish fabric, and Cara now has two new dresses to add to her newly cleaned-out closet.

I stretched my creative muscles a little with these dresses.  I used the Leila and Ben Sweet Dress pattern, which I have made hundreds of times (see here and here), but I added some different twists to these dresses.  I'm not going to pretend to be a designer or anything as I'm fairly certain that I'm not the first person to think of adding a ruffle or an elastic waist to a peasant dress, but my google search did not produce any tutorials or pictures that were similar to what I wanted.  For going at it on my own, I'm pretty proud of how these dresses turned out.

Here is dress #1 with a ruffle down the front.  Dress #2 will be coming tomorrow, most likely.
leggings: Target
shoes: Kohl's
hairbow: gift from my sister

And here I am, about 17 weeks preggo.
dress: Forever 21
jacket: Ann Taylor LOFT
My shoes will remain a mystery.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! Look at your little girl! So adorable!! I love your maxi dress! These kinds of dresses are necessary while preggo! Congrats!

  2. you are so glowingly gorgeous!! That dress looks amazing paired with the cropped denim jacket- bravo!!

  3. Adorable! The color of the dress is perfect! And kudos on your daughter's dress. So cute!

  4. you're adorable!! LOVE the outfits on you and your cute girl. :)

  5. I'm in love with your dress! Tell me you wear that when there's no bun in your oven. Because I ABSOLUTELY would.

  6. @Molly: I do! It's my favorite dress ever, pregnant or not.

  7. Way to go on making that dress for your daughter. It is adorable! And I am loving the colorful maternity dress.

  8. You and Cara look fabulous. I love the print on your dress!


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