Sep 18, 2011

my favorite things {right now}

1.  Feeling the little bird flutter around in there! 

It seems early to be feeling movement, but I swear it's there!  I'm not feeling punches or kicks (yet), but I can definitely sense some twists and turns when I am very still.  Feeling the baby move is by far my favorite thing about pregnancy.

2.  Michael Miller's Children at Play

I'm in love with the entire collection, but especially

this:   and this:   and this:

Maybe I can get some of my sewing mojo back if I order a few yards of this... :-)

3.  Listening to Cara sing

Her song of the moment is "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty.  She makes up her own words and repeats the same line over and over, but it's the cutest. thing. ever.  She's not a perform-on-command kind of girl, but I coaxed a line or two out of her in the car the other day.

4.  This makes me wish for another little girl.

5.  This makes me wish for a little boy. 


  1. Feeling your baby move inside you is the best thing ever!! Enjoy!! Loved Cara's singing. SO sweet. And, I was like "hey, that's my blog" when I clicked on that link. Ha! Thanks for linking me. I can't wait to hear what y'all are having!

  2. Didn't know you were preggo! Congrats! :)


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