Sep 5, 2011

now that was a lovely weekend

A few of my favorite things from this weekend:

1.  Birthday Parties!!
especially the ones with bouncy houses and party hats!

2.  Hand-Me-Down Jammies

We went from tantrum to joy as soon as I pulled out the Ariel jammies.  Thanks, Allison!

3.  Clean Toddler Rooms

Look!  Cara's room was clean and organized for about 10 minutes!

4.  Cara's new skirt

I haven't touched my sewing machine in probably six weeks.  Between first trimester exhaustion and the beginning of the school year, I just didn't have it in me.  I got some of my sewing mojo back Saturday, and Cara got a new skirt out of it.  She thought it was a ballerina skirt.  So glad it made her happy!

5.  Hanging out with my brother

He is the coolest.
6.  Failed Family Pictures

After this one, we just gave up.


  1. Lovely photos - looks like you had a great week-end!
    Your daughter is so cute - love her new skirt too.

    Have a bright and happy Monday!

  2. aw i love this ... it's the simple things right?!

  3. It is so hard to get good family pics. However, they are so funny.

  4. Failed family pics are the best! Love the way you're seeing beautiful! Popping in from ftlob.

  5. I love that last picture! Your little one is so adorable!

  6. Hi - just stopping by from For the Love of Blogs. I love the title of your blog! And your little girl is absolutely adorable.

  7. hahaha! I love the last failed family photo :) made me smile!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend, indeed. It's the simple things :)

  8. Your family photo attempts look just like ours. Frustrating, right? Love Cara's new skirt!! My best friend is due with her second baby Feb 29th and she is constantly telling me how pregnant (her imagination) she looks! PS) You look great too!


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