Sep 17, 2011

round two

Even though I had heard from EVERYONE that a second pregnancy can be very different from the first, I still expected this pregnancy to be pretty similar to Cara's.  Looking back, the first go-around was so easy.  I gained 25 pounds, never got sick, spent my last month taking it easy, and had a fairly routine delivery (except for that spinal headache, which is another post all by itself).  I can't say that I particularly enjoyed being pregnant though.  I did my share of whining, and I found it difficult to watch my body change without having much control over it.  So, I told myself that I would make a point of enjoying this pregnancy, of savoring each moment, and of embracing the changes and appreciating what my body can do...

In reality, I have not been so good at that.  The intense fatigue, headaches, and nausea made it difficult to enjoy that first trimester, but honestly, I've been feeling pretty great for a few weeks now.  I can't say that I'm super thrilled about the insane breakouts taking over my face, but no one is looking at my face these days anyway. 

They are looking at my growing-by-the-hour belly.

19 weeks with Cara vs. almost 16 weeks with Baby #2

I have actually been a little embarrassed by how quickly I have gotten bigger (I blame all the silly emotions on hormones), but looking at these pictures makes it more comical than anything else.  Am I sure there's really only one baby in there?  Yes, I am.  The problem is simple: food just tastes so good.  Chocolate Pop-Tarts, french onion soup, popsicles, string cheese, pick any random, strange food item, and it's probably something I love right now.

While I am really enjoying food right now, there's one other thing that I am also taking a great deal of pleasure in: denying that I am pregnant to my students.  I find it hilarious to act offended that they would call me fat and blame my growing bump on the way my dress hangs or the entire cake I ate for breakfast.  I can tell there are a few kids who wonder if I'm serious, and then there are the ones who have kids of their own...they know what's up.  All that really matters is that I am highly entertained by the whole thing.


  1. I love your adorable belly, mama! You look awesome :) Now you put those old preggo pics away this instant, ya hear?

  2. You look beautiful!! I completely understand though. I got SO big SO fast the second go round and it became a joke. My body is not rebounding as quickly either. That part isn't funny.:). You seriously look gorgeous though. Enjoy the yummy food! It really does taste better when you are pregnant.

  3. That shot on the left is super lovely--I hope you have it hanging in your house!! And I was in maternity clothes well before the end of my 1st trimester with Emmy, and I know it took me at least 4-5 months with Jackson. Your body just remembers how to do it, that's all :) I'm sure you look great.

    PS. Love confusing students. I miss it. That and using sarcasm they don't understand.

  4. Congrats on your pregnancy!! Yes, it is soo different. I'm currently pregnant with Baby #2 and my first pregnancy was a breeze compared to this one. Sigh. LOL.

  5. Everyone always gets bigger earlier with #2 and more. Your body now knows what to do, so gives the baby plenty of room from the start. Good luck!

  6. You're not a stranger to embarrassment over showing early! I literally am showing already. With Ben, I showed extremely early, by 8 weeks, with Adalyn by 6 weeks and this time around, 5 weeks. Obviously it's not truly BABY, but it's like my uterus goes, Okay, pregnant, here we go! I blame it on being short. Us short gals get the "pleasure" of looking pregnant really early. You're super cute pregnant!


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