Sep 14, 2011

what I wore: 15 weeks

everything I'm wearing here is several years old.  there is no point in trying to remember where these things came from.  sorry.

I'm so glad to be in my second trimester these days!  My energy seems to be returning, which a huge plus considering that my husband would like for me to stay up a little later than 6 pm.  I like looking more pregnant and less chubby/fat/bloated too.  This dress is one that I wore at the end of my pregnancy with Cara, and it looked like a nightgown to me when I put it on yesterday (hence, the belt).  It's a weird thing; this go around, I'm going to be large with child during the season that I was barely showing with Cara.  My maternity clothes look too big because I remember what they looked like on me before.  Or something like that.

*Side note:  Growing out these bangs is going to drive me insane.  Seriously, I can't stand them falling into my eyes anymore.  Short of wearing a headband every day, what can I do with them??  Suggestions?  Advice?  Help, please! :-)

pleated poppy


  1. No need to look STUNNING! Love the dress, the shoes everything!!!

  2. I love this outfit!

    As far as your bangs, you might play with ways to braid them back or up for a different look. You could also play with pinning them back different ways as they grow out.

  3. You look great!! I know what you mean about getting your energy back. I remember all the naps and the longing to nap.

    Have you considered flower hair clips or barettes for your bangs?

    I followed you here from WIWW.

    My WIWW Post

  4. You look really cute. :) Try using a small bobby pin to hold your bang back. Also, if you use a barrette or bobby pin to hold them back while your hair is wet you will train your bangs to stay that way. ;)

  5. This dress suits you perfectly. For your bangs, why not try a flower barrette or any other one who will be nice for you.
    I started doing this a couple of months ago and it changed my life!!

    Have a great day!

  6. I love the outfit!! Super cute & stylish.

    I made the unfortunate mistake of cutting some bangs (myself) a few weeks back & I'm totally regretting it. I haven't figured out how to braid my bangs (or my hair is too fine) so instead I just roll them (twist, whatever) so they look braided and then pin then under some hair at the side. That way I have something different to do with them than just pinning them back.

    Good luck!!

  7. What chic maternity wear - even if isn't new. I could never tell. And clever to cinch a high belt on...very cute!

  8. You are seriously BEAUTIFUL - just stunning! I actually love the side-swept-bangs-falling-into-your-eyes look. I agree, it feels annoyoing, but it looks effortlessly beautiful!

    You are rocking the dress; the belt looks so cute with it!


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