Sep 12, 2011

who's a big girl?

Cara's a big girl!!

We had a serious breakthrough this morning.  Cara peed in the potty!  WooHoo!  Potty training has baffled me quite a bit; I had no idea how to explain exactly how peepee comes to be in the potty.  Cara has liked the idea of big girl panties and sitting on her green potty for a while now, but she also doesn't mind peeing on the floor.  Mama, however, minds this.

We spent the past weekend at the lake with some friends who have two children.  My friend Brannon is a true baby genius.  She has a 3-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son, so I picked her brain on toddler discipline and potty training.  Her advice on potty training was to wake Cara up 10 minutes before she normally wakes up and sit her on her potty.  It worked like a charm!  I think Cara was a little too sleepy and out of it to truly appreciate the awesomeness of the moment, but she perked right up when I pulled out a fairy PEZ dispenser.  Perfect potty treat for my big girl!


  1. She's getting so big! Good for her for being so good about potty training! What a beautiful family :)

  2. Hooray...success! Don't get frustrated if it takes a while for her to do it again. But then again you may get lucky and she may start doing it all the time! Good luck!

    We're still struggling with my youngest. He goes about once a day on the potty but still seems to have a hard time knowing when he needs to go BEFORE he actually goes :)


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