Oct 24, 2011

the best part is coming home

I spent a few days last week and this past weekend in Atlanta at an IB conference.  This is probably the most time I've spent away from my girl so far, and I will admit that I was pretty sad when I dropped her off at daycare on Wednesday morning knowing that I wouldn't pick her up that afternoon.  Instead, I would be on my way to teacher brain overload.

I missed my little family so much, but it was really nice to do a little shopping, eat way too much Italian food, and then crash into my pillow-fort (preggo heaven!) to keep up with the Kardashians for a little while.  And, yes, of course, I learned some new instructional techniques and shared some valuable teacher-talk with a few ladies from Canada.  All well and good, mission accomplished.

I was only gone for maybe four days, but, I swear, when I came back, Cara was talking so much more and her sentences were making more sense, and I felt like I missed something!  In barely four days!  How did this happen??

The most awesome part of being gone is definitely coming back home.  It just confirms, without a doubt, how amazing my hubby is and how adorably funny my child is.  For example, this happened at dinner:
me: Cara, how old are you?
C:  two years old
me: so, how many bites of spaghetti do you have to eat before you can get down?
C:  too, too many!
We laughed.  Really hard.  And then we put her to bed and listened to her sing along to "Bibbity Bobbity Boo" on the baby monitor.  We died of cuteness.


  1. I'm glad that you had a little time away, because truly, that's nice. But gladder (lol) still, that you appreciate and treasure what you have at home. Sounds like life is good.

    Speaking of good, I'm giving away pizza on my blog today!

  2. She certainly is one cute little girl. :)

  3. Too cute. I love the little things kids say when they are that little.

  4. ahhh! she is so stinking cute!!! :)

  5. It so great to recognize your blessings, such contentment! Happy for you!

  6. How cute is your little girl. I agree, the best time is coming home to our little loves!

  7. You are right, it is wonderful when the kids are so excited to see you again. Love your blog, got sucked into reading more when I discoverd you are an IB teacher. My husband is as well and had thought about going to the conference in Atlanta, but decided on Detroit - which they then canceled. Oh well, that means he won't be traveling for awhile.


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