Oct 5, 2011

what I wore: 18 weeks

On the left: my normal, pregnant self; on the right: what happens when PJ says "can you be a little sassier?"
top: Old Navy (last pregnancy)
pants: ON (recently)
shoes: most awesome Target sandals ever

It's a good thing I begged my hubby to take pictures yesterday morning.  I don't look sick at all!  However, as the day wore on, the sneezes took over.  And I'm not talking about cute, ladylike sneezes; these are big-man-style sneezes, six or seven in a row, that usually leave my ribs a little sore the next day.  I think I have an allergy to something that builds up over the course of two or three weeks and then it must be sneezed out.  It's so strange.  Typically, I just work through it and try not to sneeze directly on any of my students, but sneezing while pregnant is a delicate thing.  (If you've been pregnant, you understand what I mean...)  So, I'm hanging out in yoga pants and a t-shirt on the couch today.

I've been trying to avoid taking a lot of meds while I'm pregnant (especially since I haven't been avoiding the McDonalds or the pizza), so I figured the best medicine for my sickness today is a big dose of awesomeness.  And awesomeness is best when shared:
  • Cara "reading" her books to me last night was awesome.  I might not have understood the plotlines, but she thought she was big stuff.  "Cara reading, Mommy!" Who cares if she talks about herself in third person?  Reading is much more important than personal pronouns.
  • Going to an IB conference in Atlanta in a few weeks will be awesome because there is an H&M MATERNITY (!!!!!!) close by. 
  • Finding new blogs is pretty awesome:
  •  And finally, these pictures overflow with awesome (at least for me):

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a little too familiar with the McDonald's drive through!

    You are so cute, too, and thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog!

  2. Man, am I ever familiar with the "delicate-ness" of coughing and sneezing while pregnant! I'm there too. I swear by green tea with lemon and honey when I have the sniffles and the sore throat that always accompanies it! Hope you feel great today and have a nice recovery day!

  3. I think the fact that I am assuming it was you who french braided her hair like that is pretty awesome. I can't wait to do that to Emmy's hair! :) And you look great and H & M Maternity sounds worth the trip. Have fun!

  4. you look so cute pregnant. I love the top the colours just pop on it.

  5. you look precious! :) so excited for you...hope to "catch up" soon!


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