Oct 12, 2011

what I wore: 19 weeks

top and tank: Target
pants: borrowed from sister
shoes: SE Boutique (DSW, my fav)
on Cara: top and pants: Old Navy
shoes: Kohl's
awesome school bag: Bitsy

This outfit might seem vaguely familiar.  It's probably because I wore the shirt here (um...I looked quite a bit different back then) and the pants here.  My students, who still do not have official confirmation that I am preggo, got a kick out of the fact that I can actually still button that shirt. It might look funny, but it can be done.

On a different note, I'm struggling to give graceful, appropriate responses when people comment on my belly lately.  Most of the time, people are very nice, and they are only saying things like "your belly is so cute" or "you look great," which should be the only things people are allowed to say to pregnant women anyway.  However, I don't feel like I look anything other than enormous.  I know that all I have to say in response to these kind souls is "thank you" but instead, I find myself cringing and saying something ridiculous like "whatever, I know I'm huge." Who does that??  Oh, me, the crazy, hormonal pregnant bitch. My friend Chelsea wrote an awesome post about the beginning of her third pregnancy and how she was going to make herself to enjoy it, and I'm thinking I need to adopt a little more of her attitude.  Smile and just say "thank you."

Here's to bringing back my nice-person-ness.

pleated poppy


  1. I, too despised the belly comments while pregnant. BUT in all honesty you do NOT look huge at all. I know women who look like brick houses at this stage of pregnancy. . . right now. Seriously. :-)

    PS) You got a shout out in my blog today. You awesome question asker, you. hahaha!

  2. We're at about the same spot in our pregnancies and you look just great! Not sure why people need to comment, but now with my third I'm just letting it all slide! Enjoy this time!

  3. Luckily for me, and probably others too, I haven't had many comments on my baby belly. But I understand where you are coming from. Usually I am nice and say "Thanks" just cause it's in my genes. But this time, I have a tendancy to speak my mind and it hasn't gone well so far. I wish I looked as cute as you!! I AM, however, anxiously awaiting when I can start to feel this little one wiggle around.

    19 weeks ... wait, you had to have had your ultrasound by now ... did you find out the gender or are you a wait-and-see kind of gal?

  4. Alexis, we have the big ultrasound on Monday!!! I'm super excited about that!! I admire those people who can wait and see, but I don't think I could do it.

  5. I was just about to say how cute your bump looks...so nevermind on that ;)

    I see in your comment above that Monday is the big reveal...best of luck! Are you hoping for a little boy to balance things out or maybe another girl for Cara to pal around with?

  6. You're adorable - not huge AT ALL! I don't understand the need for some to comment. The worst is when someone says, "Are you about to pop?" Unless you know the due date and it has already passed, you should never ask a pregnant woman a question like that!

    Thanks for the shout-out. :)


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