Nov 1, 2011

22 weeks

(I don't feel right calling these posts "what I wore" anymore because what I wore isn't so's more about what I'm carrying around.  But, I will probably still link up cause it's just fun!)

I am such a different preggo than I was the first go around.  Obviously, I'm getting bigger faster (like I haven't complained and whined about that enough...), but I don't feel nearly as nervous as I did with Cara.  I have yet to pick up a pregnancy or childbirth book, I haven't worried as much about forbidden foods, and I have absolutely no idea what we are going to name this little boy.  With Cara, I was the exact opposite, devouring every pregnancy and childbirth book I could get my hands on, avoiding caffeine, lunch meat, and soft cheeses like they were poison, but the biggest difference is that name-thing.  Cara had a name the day we found out that she was a she, but I feel like this little boy's name is more of a mystery. 

Boys' names seem to come with more connotations and impressions to me.  He could sound stately and powerful or he could sound like a rock star, but what I really want is a name that works for both.  A stately, powerful rock star.  Then there's the possibility of adding a family connection to his name.  Or not.  We could continue the pattern and give him a C name to match his sister.  Or not.  And obviously, I have to avoid names of annoying/creepy/mean students, especially ones who are still burned into my memory seven years later.  There will be no Zacs in this house, ever.

So this little bear's name eludes me for now.  Good thing I still have 18 weeks or so to figure it out.


  1. Good luck with choosing a name for your little peanut! I must say, Ethan is a great name ;) maybe I'm just biased lol. I'm sure you will pick a neme soon and it will rock. Anyways, you are a cute prego!

    New follower!

  2. Me Hubsy is a teacher too and he had a hard time with names because he knew too many kids that were little monsters with the same name. Good luck!

  3. You look so cute!! Naming a child is fun but if you really think about it, its something they will carry for the rest of their lives! I'm 16 weeks along with my second, and like you, our daughter's name was already picked. No problem. But this baby, hubby and I have tossed ideas around. We think we have one picked out for each gender, but we'll see!! ;)

  4. New follower from WIWW :). What a cutie preggy person you are!. Hope to see you around my place sometime ;) xx

  5. Naming a baby is SOOO hard!! Our first boy didn't have a name until 2 weeks before we went into the hospital and then even after I wrote it on the Birth Certificate I thought, "really? that's what he'll go by?" But now I can't imagine him being anything different. And our Youngest boy had a name a few months into the pregnancy never altered, and as I'm in labor Hubs turns to me and says, "We should go with ____" It wasn't even a name we'd considered. So we did. And again. I couldn't imagine calling him anything else. So it will come. They sorta come with their own names I think. We just gotta find them. :) Long story. lol sorry! Anyway. I'm a new follower so I hope you'll check my site out too. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  6. You look lovely!

    I struggled with boys' names, too. Finding something euphonious that was also not super-common was a challenge. Not to mention finding a name my partner and I were both passionate about!


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