Nov 8, 2011

23 weeks

I guess it's possible for me to call this a "What I Wore" post because I thought I was looking good when I put this on.  Pictures never lie though, especially when a girl is in desperate need of a haircut.

Week 23 has been a good one with quite a few high points:
  • The baby bear is working on some gymnastics.  I'm starting to feel big movements, the kind you can see from the outside.  Karate chops, somersaults, a few swift kicks, you know what I mean.  It's awesome.
  • My skirt still fits!  Granted, it's got an elastic waist, but as I am beginning to outgrow my favorite maternity jeans, this was definitely good news.  I also wore it here and here, back when I was much, much smaller.  Have I mentioned that a pregnant belly with a HUMAN in it blows my mind?  How is this even possible? 
  • Teacher superlatives came out at my school this week, and, how sweet, I won an award.  In my younger (childless) days, I won "Best Dressed" a few times, but this year, I was voted "Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Student." Glance up at that picture one more time, consider the irony, perhaps shake your head a bit, and have a good laugh. 


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