Nov 10, 2011

give thanks, #2

Yesterday was a long day.  We went through the usual rush-rush morning routine of coaxing the toddler to eat her oatmeal, throwing on some clothes, brushing teeth and hair, and desperately trying to get to work just a few minutes early.  My days at school are pretty nonstop as it is, but yesterday was my day to stay after school with the students who wanted to rewrite essays.  I never mind working with students outside of class; I find it almost more fulfilling than working with them in the context of the whole class.  It's also very encouraging to see them care enough about their work to stay after school to make it better.  However, it also means that I didn't leave school until 5:30 yesterday.

I always have a little twinge of guilt when I pick Cara up from school after 5.  I know she's having a blast with her teachers and her little friends.  They are usually playing outside or sometimes watching a movie or having a snack, but that little squeal of "MOMMY" and the big run over to hug me are the highlights of my afternoons. 

As I was leaving school yesterday at 5:30 (in the dark, I might add), I was turning over our typical daily routine in my head.  Do I spend enough time talking to my little girl?  Playing with her?  Listening to her?  Do I have any extra time to carve out for this?  We rush through the mornings, though sometimes we all eat our oatmeal together, and I often rush through the evenings too, trying to cook dinner, clean a little, give Cara a bath (though Daddy usually does this), read stories, say prayers, and go to sleep.  It seems like lately both PJ and I have Bible studies or meetings that we need to go to during the evenings, and while I see the infinite value in these things (I absolutely believe that a little time doing my own thing can save my sanity!), I also miss having my little family together or being there with them.  I found myself wishing for a few extra minutes to spend with my rapidly growing little girl and my sweet husband.

I'm quite certain that Someone was eavesdropping on the ramblings in my head because while I was cooking dinner, Cara wanted to color at the kitchen table.  PJ came home a few minutes later, and there we all were in the kitchen, talking about our days and our colors. 

After bath, Cara and I usually read a few books before she goes to bed, but she has been mesmerized by the magic of the holiday toy catalogs lately.  So, instead of books, we read the Target toy catalog last night.  Actually, she read it to me, naming everything she saw, pointing to the toys she liked, telling me which ones she wants and what she will do with them.

I need the scooter, Mommy.  I ride it to the castle.

Who's at the castle, baby?

Sleeping Beauty, Mommy.

You'd better talk to Grandaddy about a scooter for Christmas then.

Yeah, I talk to Grandaddy.  I need it for the road.

I'm so thankful for these moments of stopped time, when I can enjoy my family and just be.  No rushing, no worrying, no goal in mind.  Just us.

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  1. I can totally relate. Thankfully we carved out an hour or so Saturday night just to play with the boys. All of us important!

  2. This is beautiful and I totally understand. If at all possible, realize that sometimes I feel the same way--am I actually LISTENING to them, or just telling them be quieter?--but the fact that you're reflective about it says that you're a great mommy :) You're doing a great job, Mama!


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