Nov 18, 2011

give thanks, #3

I know my last post was a little sarcastic, perhaps even veering towards whining and complaining about pregnancy, but all joking aside, I am deeply thankful for healthy pregnancies.  I feel so blessed that we have already had one easy, healthy pregnancy that gave us our sweet baby girl, and I am continually amazed that pregnancy #2 has gone just as smoothly. 

I struggle a little to embrace and appreciate pregnancy because for me, it's hard to fully grasp until I have a babe in arms.  I typically enjoy the process of creating something as much as I love the finished product, like cooking or sewing.  I usually enjoy cooking dinner, especially when I am allowed a glass of wine :-), because it feels like a way to relax and unwind while also taking care of my family.  Sewing spurs my creative thinking; I like watching something beautiful come together before my eyes.  Of course, I also really enjoy eating delicious food and gloating over something I've made

Pregnancy seems different to me.  Maybe it's because it happens on the inside through a process of creation that I will never understand.  Maybe it's because I can't take credit for the finished product--I just stand in awe of it.  Maybe it's because I know that in the end, what was created was never mine, that I can't truly take ownership of it.  It was entrusted to me for a brief season to nurture, to teach, to love, and then release, in spite of how desperately I want to hold it close.  I am simply the vessel, the hands, the kisses, the words, but the physicality of those tasks is so much more to me.


  1. I didn't take your last post to be whiney at all. Yes, pregnancy is such a miracle and having a baby is the best gift ever....but that doesn't mean every moment of pregnancy is fun or easy. Trust me, we understand!

  2. Popping in from WOE weekend linky.
    I think that every woman experiences pregnancy differently in the sense that some have an easier time than others. It's fine to have highs and lows... don't fret about it!

  3. Your post brought tears to my eyes this morning. It's so true that we are only their caretakers. What a beautiful gift from God.


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