Nov 26, 2011

give thanks, #5

I love Thanksgiving so much.  There's tons of delicious food, lots of family time, and no pressure to give presents. (not that I don't love presents, but getting everything ready for Christmas can be a little stressful!)  I like taking the time to deliberately stop and count my blessings.  Here are a few:

I am so thankful for my brother.  He is deploying with the National Guard right after the new year, and he was the catalyst for getting my whole family together for a holiday.  He has become such a mature, honorable, all-around good person, and I can't express how proud I am of him. 

I am thankful for my sister and her sweet little ones.  She drove four hours to visit us for Thanksgiving, which is quite an undertaking with three children six and under.  We don't get to see each other much because of the distance, and I was thrilled to spend some time with my nieces and nephew.  My house was full of children.

little girls in matching dresses
Cara and her favorite playmate, Brooklyn

I am so thankful for my mama, who helped me organize and cook, who cleaned when I was exhausted, who braved the crowds on Black Friday to help me find the perfect Christmas present for my hubby, who babysat so that PJ and I could go see Breaking Dawn (which we loved).

thanks, Grandmama!

I am so thankful that Bitsy came to visit today and went with us to IKEA.  She was there to celebrate Cara's first public excursion in big girl panties!  With no accidents!!  Hooray!!

yay for my big girl!

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  1. The girls are darling! Love their dresses! Best to your brother. So THANKFUL for what he does.


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