Dec 28, 2011

30 weeks

Top: Old Navy; Jeans: borrowed; Boots: DSW; Super Cool Ring That You Can't Really See: gift from my MIL
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Am I in my last trimester yet?  I feel like these pictures are a bit misleading (I think it's the skinny jeans) because I look much bigger than this in person, but I'll take it!  Honestly, I haven't seen a picture of myself in, oh, 7ish months, that made me feel even remotely small, so this seems like an after Christmas miracle.

With only 10 weeks or so left, I'm beginning to feel like it's time for things to starting coming together, like a nursery and a name.  I think the hubs and I have finally agreed on how we are going to house these children (in the same room temporarily) and begun a list of things we need like: a carseat, another crib, and a wrap or baby carrier.  I gave away our big carseat/stroller/travel system thing to a student who really needed it last summer, but we have been using a Combi stroller for Cara since then, and I think all of their infant carseats and strollers are supposed to be compatible.  Obviously, I need to do a little more research on this one before we buy.  We found a basic crib that we like at IKEA, and since Cara is still sleeping in her crib-turned-toddler-bed quite comfortably, we figured that it would be best to go ahead and get another one. 

The thing I'm really interested in is a comfortable baby carrier or wrap.  Right now, I am picturing wearing the baby boy so that I will have some free hands for the toddler girl.  She's close to being so over her stroller, but maybe I can convince her to ride for a little while longer.  I've heard lots of praise for the Moby wrap, except that it's really long and could be difficult or time consuming to use.  Anyone have any good recommendations for a wrap or suggestions for managing two kiddos in public places?

The name thing is still a big up in the air, although we have narrowed the choices down a bit more.  I've been calling him King Charles (my maiden name and my hubby's first name), but I don't think we're going actually go there.  How mean would that be?  Maybe we'll just wait until we meet him to really decide on his name.  We'll just ask him what he thinks. :-)


  1. Oh my, you are adorable and look super cute pregnant!

  2. I just said yesterday how huge I felt for still having almost 3 months left! But there you go, looking all cute and stuff...haha! I've heard really great things about a Moby wrap. Any other carrier I've tried I haven't really liked. So I'm leaning towards one myself. I hear it comes with video instructions. :)


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