Dec 29, 2011

the haircut that wasn't

Cara's hair has always been unusual.  I don't mean this in a negative way at all; it was gorgeous the moment she was born.  So gorgeous and thick and perfect that the nurses kept tying little yarn bows in it.

2 days old :-)

People have always commented on how much hair she has or how long it is or how wavy and thick it is, but I didn't realize just how rare this much hair really is until I was around more babies.  It's a pretty unique feature, but one that suits her well.  It's almost like Cara's hair has become part of her personality.

4ish months

6ish months

7 or 8 months old

Cara had two haircuts before her first birthday because she was rocking out a baby mullet.  It was not really a big deal because my dad's wife owns a salon in town, and Kaz didn't mind bringing her special scissors over to our house.  However, it's easily been 18 months since Cara's last haircut.  It's still long and thick and wavy and beautiful, but it's also starting to look a little scraggly.

wild toddler this morning


Just a little trim, that's all I wanted.  I made an appointment to take Cara to Kaz's salon like a big girl, and I talked to her about how Kaz was going to give her a haircut and make her hair look so beautiful.  And it's not like I don't mess with this child's hair on a pretty regular basis.  I have even broken out the curling iron on occasion, and Cara is fine with it as long as I put a towel over her shoulders so that she doesn't feel her hair get warm.  So, it surprised me quite a bit that Cara totally balked when I tried to put her in Kaz's chair.  She was terrified and there was no talking her off the ledge.  We tried letting her sit in my lap, letting her brush her own hair, offering her a dollar, but she was having none of it.  (Except the dollar.  She took that.)

So, we left with no haircut.  And the whole way home, all I heard from the backseat was how scary Kaz's hairbrush was.


  1. her hair is BEAUTIFUL!!!! i'm praying my new baby girl keeps the little bit of hair she has since her big brother lost every bit of his ;)

  2. Everyone thought Cara would lose hers, but she never did. Sending some "keep-your-hair" vibes to your baby girl! :-)

  3. OMG this made me laugh bc I picture it being us someday - i have yet to get Abigail's hair cut (she just turned 2!) and its always been long and curly...but I know itll be a BIG deal when we do! But i just love her hair how it is now so Im okay with waiting! :) PS thanks for your sweet comment today - I am actually a Postpartum Doula (not birth) so I have dealt more with mamas after delivery (mainly breastfeeding) and working through all the brand new adjustments ,etc! so PLEASE feel free to contact me when the baby comes if you need anything at all! you look AMAZING btw!! :)

  4. Kids are so funny! Penn and Jude have never minded haircuts, even though sometimes months pass between each one. Probably it has to do with the fact that I haul them to the expensive kids' haircut place where they have a play area, DVD players, and motorized cars to sit in during trims;) Either way, your baby girl looks beautiful and I'm totally jealous of her voluminous locks:)


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