Dec 12, 2011

a little Christmas sewing

I hate that it has taken me this long to post about Cara's Christmas outfits because that means that she has already worn them and spilled juice on them.  But that's okay.  I tell myself over and over that I make cute outfits for her to have fun in, not to sit still in.  Besides, have you ever tried to make a two-year-old sit still?  Near to impossible.  Fortunately, we have lots of stain spray and an iron in frequent rotation over here.

the perfect outfit for Cara's school Christmas performance thing on Saturday:

That's an ornament, in case you couldn't tell. :-)

I am addicted to making these skirts (yes, yes, and yes).  I love that they are super quick, forgiving, and the most perfect showcase for adorable fabric ever.  Those owls kill me.

the perfect dress for Christmas anything:

I know that *technically* I've already shown you this dress, but here it is again because it's so darn cute.  And so is this girl:

Why does she look like such a big girl?

I keep thinking that it's probably time I try some more advanced patterns because I tend to make the same two or three simple things over and over, but I like that simple designs leave lots of room for embellishment.  However, I'm not really learning anything new, and Cara's closet is full of sweet dresses and market skirts.  Okay, fine.  For my next dress, I promise to branch out a little.  You've convinced me.


  1. So cute. Do you save the things you make?

  2. Thanks, Katie! Sometimes I do, but mostly I give them away if they are still in good shape. A lot of the dresses I made early on were a bit, um, amateur, so when Cara outgrew them, they got stashed in a box in the attic.


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