Dec 30, 2011

my little...teenager?

Me: Was that banana yummy?
C: Yes.
Me: Where is the peel?
C: (points to floor) Right there.
Me: Can you go put it in the trash?
C: (stares at me for a moment) I can't.
Me: Oh yes, you can.
C: You can do it, Mommy.

Really? We're here already? Arguing with Mommy? At least she did eventually throw away the banana peel. (I have to say, I enjoy our conversations about going to visit Belle so much more.)


  1. oh man! i feel that starting to happen over here too! when did they get so "big" (or start thinking they are?! ahh!! makes for some interesting days for sure!

    PS I "awarded" you over on my blog today - check it out!
    Blessings and Happy NYE!!!

  2. haha! that gave me a good laugh :)


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