Jan 3, 2012

31 weeks

 Cara really loves her new purple Belle t-shirt.  I always swore I would not be that mom with kids dressed in "character" shirts, but I'm eating my thoughts.  Cara loves those princesses so much, and when I saw this t-shirt on clearance at Target, I couldn't not get it for her.  I also like how she repurposed her headband as a necklace.  She's a creative one, this girl.

As for me, I'm just round.  It's finally started to get pretty chilly around these parts, just in time for me to wear the pretty scarf my mama got me for Christmas!

Yes, "round" is an accurate description.

31 weeks is bringing with it an awesome waddle and more swelling in my calves and ankles.  But, all things considered, I'm feeling okay.  I must be, because I managed to straighten my hair, something I hadn't done in probably a month. 

As the belly has become more and more difficult to ignore, Cara has become more and more snuggly.  She will actually tell me that she needs some snuggles, and seriously, my heart absolutely melts.  I wonder if she senses that a change is coming or if it's just a natural toddler phase or if I'm just sitting on the couch more often these days.  I'm definitely not complaining.  There's nothing better than a two-year-old voluntarily curled up in your lap (or beside your lap, depending on how much room you have). 


  1. Cute scarf! I am loving infinity scarves this week. I can relate on the character shirts, it seems all my boys like are super hero and Star Wars shirts.

  2. love your new scarf, very cute. And you have an adorable baby belly.

  3. cute outfit and even cuter belly! we would love for you to link up with us on sunday "sunday best dressed". we need some help with ideas on things to wear to church, so any skirts or dresses you would like to share with us would be great! hope to see you sunday!


  4. love the scarf and good luck with the preganancy!

    xo Nav

  5. You are looking good girlie! Round is "in" for pregnant gals ;)

    OK, I seriously MUST get a pair of those slipper shoes. I think I am the only one left that does not own a pair and they are so darn cute!

    Happy New Year Jessica!

  6. Love the baby belly! You wear it well. :)

    And cute scarf!

  7. You look awesome, Jessica! That belly is exactly as round as it's supposed to be:)

    Oh, and I've totally developed a waddle with this pregnancy too...not fun! It's a lot of work to try to camouflage it!


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