Jan 7, 2012

getting ready {part 1}

I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 to 10 weeks left to be pregnant.  That's 8 to 10 weeks until we have another baby to love, feed, rock, snuggle, marvel over, and at some point, put down into a place to sleep (hopefully).  Unfortunately, we have done NOTHING to get this magical sleeping place ready.  In fact, we have done NOTHING in the way of preparing for this baby in general.  He has two t-shirts, a stuffed toy car, a hand-knit sweater, and a Matchbox car.  (Notice that I did not list "name" as something he currently has...) 

For some reason, I have felt extremely laid back about this whole new baby thing.  Several of my wonderfully generous friends have offered to let us borrow most of the baby gear essentials, but obviously, little dude will need a few things all his own.  I can't stomache the thought of him wrapped up in frilly, pink, flowery blankets, but I also know that I can easily make him some snuggly blankets, burp cloths, bibs, onesies, and pants.  Of course, that all takes some time.  Maybe I should get started.

The other thing that I would really like to start on is a nursery make over.  Initially, PJ was not a fan of the shared room.  He worries about interrupting Cara's sleep and routine, and honestly, I worry about that too.  She is an awesome sleeper, naps and nights, and Lord knows, we do not want to mess up a good thing (and the little dude will probably sleep in our room for a while).  But I absolutely cannot bring our baby boy home without a space of his own.  He needs to be welcomed by some boy cuteness in the same way that Cara was welcomed by girl cuteness.  It's only fair, after all.

I'm thinking that our dining room will double as a playroom for a little while to make room for a new crib and dresser/changing table.  Our plan is that *maybe* in the near future we will add a garage/laundry room/playroom on the side of our house.  In theory, this sounds like a perfect solution.  We will have a place to put all the stuff that is currently in our office/sewing room/photography equipment storage/guest room, and then the kiddos will each have a room.  In theory.  I know us, though.  We moved out of a one bedroom apartment into a three bedroom house and filled up the house with all of our stuff almost immediately.  Regardless, we still need a place for both babies NOW (or in 8 to 10 weeks). 

Here's where I am thankful for Pinterest.  I half-heartedly pinned a few things I liked to my "nursery inspiration" board, but I took a more serious look at it today, and here are a few ideas I have for this shared nursery.

First, some encouragement:

Source: houzz.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Look! It's a toddler girl and baby boy room! Other people do this too! I feel better.

My mom is an amazingly talented sewer (sewist? sewing expert?). She inspired me to starting sewing, teaches me new things, and helps me when I get stuck. We are planning to make coordinating quilts for the babes, and we did a little shopping when I visited for Christmas.  We didn't buy any fabric yet, just shopping for inspiration really, but I did find these two charm packs that are looking pretty dang cute:


I'm kind of in love with this quilt.

Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest

But I also love the simplicity of this pattern.  Realistically, this is more what I will be capable of doing.  I have only made one quilt, and it was pretty basic, and my friend Laura held my hand through the entire process.

Speaking of ways to use fabric, I would also like to make something like this to hang over each bed:

And something like this for the wall over each bed:

Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Any suggestions for making the shared nursery thing easier?  Cute decorating ideas?


  1. I love those ideas and I think room sharing is great (most of the time). We had the space for Jude to have his own room when he was born, but now, of course, Penn and Jude share and it makes nighttimes so much easier since we are only doing one routine. Baby girl just couldn't squeeze in with the boys though, so she'll have her own room:) I can't wait to see and hear about all the finished decisions (name included!!!). He'll be one lucky little boy:)

  2. You will do great and find out what works for you. We were originally going to put our kids in the same room on New Years Day, but since then Emmy has been sleeping until about 7:30 so we scrapped that plan and are waiting until they're on more of the same schedule. You'll figure out what works. I have several friends who have done what you're about to do with great success, and luckily, baby boy will be too young to be frustrated that he can't get out and play with Cara. You'll do great, and I can't wait to see the finished nursery!

  3. I love the pennant. I'm actually making one for my sister for her birthday to put over her bed. And that mobile is adorable!

  4. That mobile is beautiful!! You've inspired me :) I have a 6 month old and I never found a mobile I loved so she hasn't had one... I could totally make that one!!

  5. I think using from the same color pallet is a great way to tie both genders together so I think working from the fabric packs you found will be awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product :)


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