Jan 1, 2012

good bye 2011 {welcome 2012}

A brief look back before I say good bye to 2011:

This time last year, I resolved to spend more time on my home and less time on my job...not sure if I can count that resolution met or not.  I think it will be ongoing for the rest of my life!  I also realized that that I wasn't tired anymore and I was finally back in my prepregnancy size (just in time, right? :-)  I'm glad I wrote that post because maybe it will give me some hope and patience after baby #2 makes his appearance.  Cara's totally awesome personality kept us on our toes and never bored, and it has only gotten more and more awesome!

I ranted a good bit in February: about Valentines, about shoes...maybe it was some pent-up angst related to turning 28.  At least I attempted to have a good attitude about that one.

In March, I shared some of my favorite cooking tips, did some spring-y sewing for the wild toddler, and worried about nothing.  As it turns out, I was really worrying about nothing.  I stressed and debated pushing the "publish" button for that post more than I have for any other post; I think it made me feel more vulnerable than I usually do on the ole blog.

I finally convinced my hubby to make me a button for the blog!  And I'm probably going to need an updated version in the near future...Cara continued to entertain us with her brilliance and her sass.  I spent a wonderful week at home for spring break, and I think it made me wish I could stay at home with my girl.  I have since acknowledged to myself that we made a really good decision for childcare, and Cara has really thrived there.  Even if I decided to stay at home with baby #2, I would feel like I was doing Cara a huge disservice by taking her out of her school  because she loves it and she will be more than ready for 4K because of her wonderful teachers. (and there I go, off on a tangent...)

In May, I gave my hair the chop, formed my very own bridal party with my child, and shared one more reason why I love my hubby.

We went to Florida for a family vacation (woo hoo!), celebrated six years of marriage, and I obsessed way too much about Cara growing up.  Seriously, way.too.much.  Is that a requirement of motherhood, to worry and worry and worry about things that work themselves out anyway?

July was a big month.  Baby Cara turned two (Eeekkk!  How did that happen??), I wrote a post nobody read and tried my hand at sewing a little more clothing for me (I still sigh when I see that dress in my closet because I barely had time to wear it before I outgrew it).  I must have been feeling a little irritable and cranky, but August explained all of that because...

we realized that Baby #2 is on the way!  We finally got to see new baby in an ultrasound, and I reflected on what my experience of motherhood has been like so far.

We dabbled in potty training, Cara was adorable, and I realized that I was growing at warp speed.  Baby brain started to take over at this point, I think.

Fall is awesomeMy child is hilarious.  And we found out the gender of Baby #2!

I wrote what might be my favorite series of posts, and my hubby got me an iPhone! (to which I am now permanently attached.  It's ridiculous.)  I wondered about how tech-savvy a toddler should really be, but I have decided that it's a losing battle.  Technology is too ubiquitous to keep from her forever.  Better to learn to deal and use it to our advantage, I think. :-)

I grew and grew (or Baby #2 grew and grew), reflected on how wonderful Christmas can be with a child, and attempted to get Cara's hair cut.

All in all, 2011 was a very good year, and I am so thankful for everyone who read along.  I love writing this blog and having an outlet for my thoughts as well as a way to burn everyday moments in my memory, but it becomes so much more meaningful knowing that a few other people are interested too. 

Here's to a happy, healthy, simplified (my resolution this year) 2012!


  1. Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what is in store for you and your family in 2012.

  2. Happy New Year Jessica - I also have enjoyed following your life adventures from afar!


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