Jan 8, 2012

some important things happened

1)  We took Cara to Monkey Joes, AKA land of inflatable fun.  She showed no fear of slides or germs.

Yes, she now has a pink Cinderella t-shirt just like her purple Belle t-shirt.  So what.

2)  I made the baby boy a blanket.  He really needs it right now.

3)  I ordered the fabric for new baby boy and toddler girl quilts!  I am crossing my fingers that it will be here by Friday because my mom is coming up so that we can get started on all this nesting I've been putting off.

4)  We *might* have decided on a name for the baby boy.  Or we just added another name to the list of names we like.  So far, this one's at the top.  I'm set on it.  But not enough to write it out here.  Yet.


  1. Congrats on the living one. Your daughter is cute (: You look great, btw. I am a follower.

    Check out mines

  2. totally random... but I have a bassinet you can borrow. Or I will after the super bowl. Apparently my grandmother is giving me the one my grandfather made for me when I was born, you know, for all those babies I'm not having. We are picking it up when we visit Michael's best friend Lucien for super bowl weekend. Michael's brother's wife is pregnant (maybe 2 months?) so we figured we would have it here for visits, but you are welcome to it for the first few months when little boy cooper is small enough to fit in it. Be forewarned though, if I am remembering correctly it is made from a wine barrel and isn't "tiny".


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