Feb 18, 2012

random news

  • Last week's doctor visit was awesome.  Baby boy is in the perfect position for an easy delivery...let's hope he stays there!  No real progress yet, but I'm actually thankful for that.  No rush, little buddy.  I was sick all last week, so I managed to lose two pounds, but my doctor was not concerned.  In fact, he asked me what I had been doing to keep my weight in check, walking, exercising, or something like that.  I told him that I am on the lay-on-the-couch-because-I-am-EXHAUSTED plan, which is clearly the best way to maintain a healthy weight.
  •  The wonderful girls from my ABF showered baby Colin with all kinds of goodies last week.  He desperately needed some clothes and diapers, and boy did they hook him up.  Now his dresser looks a lot less sad when you open the drawers. 
  • My mom came to visit this weekend to help me finish up Cara's quilt, and she brought me a new sewing machine for my birthday!!  I haven't quite gotten the tension all figured out yet, but I am super excited to play around with it.  It will be amazing to have a machine that will do more than a straight stitch and a zigzag.
  • Speaking of quilts, Cara's is all put together.  In fact, all that's left is the actually quilting part, which I am going to do by hand.  In an embroidery hoop.  Like an Amish grandma.
  • Poor Cara just cannot seem to get well.  I'm sure we're all passing around the same sickness over here, and it looks like she has gotten it again, in addition to some of those horrible MRSA bumps (see previous experience with that here).  Anyone else have a child who has had these?  Anyway, the doctor sent me to hang out in his office while he drained the bump because he didn't want me passing out.  I knew Cara was in good hands with her daddy, but it was almost worse to sit in the office, listening to all the babies crying, and then be able to pick out my own child's screams. 
  • The doctor's office experience was redeemed when I went back into the exam room to snuggle my baby, and she was okay.  She was sad, don't get me wrong ("Cara's so sad, Mommy!"), but she was recovering quickly.  After some mommy snuggles, she wanted to go back to her daddy.  He lifted her up and she said, "My Daddy's so big and strong."  This is a common refrain around our house these days, and I DIE every time.  It's exactly what she should think of her daddy.


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