Mar 6, 2012

40 weeks

So, yeah.  Here we are at 40 weeks pregnant.  It's sort of scary, ridiculous, and comical all at the same time.  I ended up wearing the same shirt that I wore in my 13 week pictures, so I thought it might be funny fun to post those pics side by side so that we can all marvel at how much change the human body can undergo in a relatively short period of time.

13 weeks vs. 40 weeks

40 weeks pregnant makes most things a little awkward.  Walking, eating, breathing, you know, all those things that must be done on a fairly regular basis.  My poor husband is up with me most of the night because every time I roll over, I wake up and groan, and he's too sweet to tell me to sleep on the couch.  My muscles are definitely ready for this little boy to arrive.

I'm feeling ready for the most part too.  I met with my long term sub earlier this week, and she's ready to take over after Friday.  Woo-Hoo!  I've given my notice to my students, and I think they are secretly (and some not-so-secretly) glad to see me head out because I will admit that I've been a little grumpy lately.  The mouse sighting in my classroom hasn't helped matters. 

The nursing and postpartum essentials have all been rounded up, either from Target or from the depths of my closet, and I even bought a few spring shirts, a dress (all nursing friendly, of course), and a pair of jeans in a size up to help me kick the frump after the baby is born. 

I wish I could say that my body is as ready for the baby boy as my head is, but I have made very little progress in the whole dilating and effacing business.  In fact, my next doctor's appointment is next week, three days after my due date.  But I'm trying very hard to be patient.  Baby boy will be here when he's good and ready, and the doctor has already said that he probably won't let me go more than a week and a half past my due date.  I'm going to hope that he comes on his own before then, but if not, it will all be okay.  At the end of it all, I will have a new baby boy to bring home to my sweet baby girl.  And that's really all that matters to me anyway.

linking up with The Pleated Poppy because I'm still wearing clothes! :-)


  1. Except for the belly and the "pretty much over it" expression, you look exactly the same! Do do pregnancy well, mama!

  2. You look beautiful! Pregnancy definitely looks great on you!

    It does get SO long, and it's so easy to feel totally over it. Good luck in this last little part!

    visiting from Pleated Poppy's WIWW.

  3. Cute belly! Best of luck in these final days prepping for baby!

  4. I can't believe how amazing you look for 40 weeks. Good luck! And following you now. :)

    preethi'lace, etc.

  5. So exciting! Just a little longer and he will be here! You look great!

  6. The difference in your facial expressions is so funny. The end is truly exhausting but you're hanging in there beautifully! Praying for a speedy and healthy labor and delivery!

  7. you're tiny and you're almost there now :) so exciting! good luck to you.

  8. You look amazing! And I am right there with ya! 13 more days til this baby comes, and I am ready!! Good luck and thinking happy thoughts for you and your family!! Can't wait to hear the good news!!!


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