Mar 15, 2012

borrowed time

PJ came home from work the other night and said that he was left out of the agenda for a meeting on Friday. Of course, I was all like "How could they leave you out of a meeting?? That's not fair!" He shrugged and said, "They know I'm on borrowed time."  Oh, the wisdom of those words.

That's what this week has been: borrowed time. Time for tying up loose ends, finishing projects, and enjoying my last few days alone with my firstborn. We played hooky yesterday to have a date with the craft store, a Happy Meal or two, and the park, and it was perfection. Not only was McDonalds giving out My Little Pony toys (which is about the best thing ever if you ask my two-year-old), not only was it a glorious 80 degrees, but Cara was good as gold on our mommy-daughter all-day date. I've mentioned that she's gotten a bit more *ahem* willful lately, but a day to ourselves seems to be what she needed. All our problems aren't solved by any means, but it was nice to give some much needed undivided attention to my sweet girl.  I think I needed some from her too.


  1. One-on-one time is so important. I find with my kids as well that if they are struggling with behaving, a good dose of undivided attention does indeed do the trick, although it can be tough to fit in sometimes. Glad you enjoyed some girl time with your sweetie :) I was in love with my little pony when I was little too!

  2. Tough to fit in sometimes, but you are right: so important! In the "getting ready for the new baby" craze, I have been so worried about Cara getting pushed to the side. She's hanging in there though.

    And the resurgence of My Little Pony is hilarious to me. I had a stable full of them when I was a little girl, but mine looked a lot different from these!

  3. That was how I felt last week when I was overdue with our baby! We got so much accomplished and so much one on one time with our other two babies. Praying for you!

  4. Good luck! For your sake I hope you have had the baby by now (it is March 21st!).


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