Mar 29, 2012

life with Colin at 10 days

This is how Mr. Colin has been spending most of his time lately: staring at us intently or snoozing.  Neither of which we mind.  

Ten days ago, I was pregnant.  It feels like ten weeks ago, maybe even ten months ago.  It's so strange to think that we added another person to our family, but it feels like this is what our family is supposed to be in this moment.  We're all here now.

ColinBear had quite a big day for his 10-days-old birthday.  He went for his second doctor's visit, and showed everyone just how loudly he could cry.  He is also within three ounces of his birthweight!  His doctor told us to take him into the world and show him off, so we promptly took him to Target for the first time.  You would think there would be some fanfare for a person's very first trip to the most awesome store ever, but Colin was not impressed yet.  He slept right through it.  Fortunately, his big sister is beginning to appreciate the awesomeness of Target, but only when we take her to "visit the princesses."

The past ten days have felt like a blur of highs and lows.  The lows have been mainly for me.  I struggle with knowing what to do when Colin is doing the typical newborn crying for an unknown reason--I desperately want to fix it for him because, clearly, whatever it is is quite a big deal to him, but I also keep trying to remind myself that babies cry sometimes and there's not a whole lot anyone can do about it.  We've really only had one bad evening and one bad afternoon, and I think they were bad for me more so than they were actually bad.  Because this is a very laid-back little boy.  He spends most of his time during the day napping peacefully, nursing like a champ, and winning staring contests.  He spent last night in his cradle (yay!!) for the first time, but we made up for the snuggle time with a two hour nap together.  Those eleven work days in May are not going to be my favorite thing, I can already tell.

Cara has been handling this whole baby brother thing with her usual Cara style.  Every time we change his diaper, she announces that "Colin has yellow poopy" and we have to laugh.  She started going back to school this week, which has been really good for her.  On Tuesday afternoon, I brought Colin with me to pick her up, and she introduced him to her teachers.  "This is my baby brother, Colin Cooper Gray." And, we have to laugh again.

We've been taking family walks in the evenings.  I credit these walks, as well as good genes (thanks, Mom and Dad!) for the fact that I was able to button my jeans today.  For the sake of honesty here, these were jeans I bought right after I had Cara, but they are NOT MATERNITY JEANS! 

Cara fell behind a little on our walk tonight, so her daddy helped her out a bit.

Mr. Colin also enjoys our walks. :-)

PJ is headed back to work next week, which scares me a little.  I wonder how I will manage to take a shower or get Cara to school or buy groceries or anything else that seems necessary, but I know I will figure it out.  My friend Melissa says that it's all about building confidence, and she's right.  Yes, I can love, nurture, teach, parent two children. 


  1. So sweet! And amazing that anything can get accomplished but it's all do able!! And you already are a rock star mom!

    1. I think we should get our adorable babies together one day....I want to squeeze Colin's cheeks!!

  2. I see some Jessica in that little face! Glad things are going well!

  3. Sounds like you are doing an awesome job, Jessica! I just started back to work this week and it was REALLY tough the first day, but it's gotten better and better each day forward... you'll make it through your 11 and then you'll be back home for the summer! Colin is really precious, y'all make pretty babies!

  4. You're doing so great and it really DOES get easier every day :) You'll get to know him and after those 10 days in May, you'll have all summer together. Enjoy this snuggly time--I wish I still had those days, even with the exhaustion!


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