Mar 25, 2012

my favorite things {newborn edition}

Hello World!  I'm buried in Babyland over here, and it's hard to want to reemerge anytime soon.  The only thing that would tempt me is 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but even then, serious negotiation would be required.

Round Two of parents vs. newborn has been much less stressful than Round One.  I can say this even though I found myself with two crying children for almost an hour last night and then ended up sitting on the toilet (with the lid closed, obviously [or not so obviously]) nursing Colin with the exhaust fan on for white noise.  In spite of this, I have held it together much better than I did with Cara.  I was so nervous and anxious with her, but experience has taught me that this is but a brief season in my life and in Colin's, and he will be running around the house all too soon.  I am storing up snuggles knowing that at some point, I'll have to ask him to give Mommy an extra hug.

There are a few things that have made the adjustment from pregnant to not pregnant a little easier, and believe me, this is a moment in life when "making things easier" becomes very important.

1)  I am so, so, so glad that I bought a few shirts for that awkward post-pregnancy stage.  I didn't spend a lot of money, but it's been worth it.  I bought a couple of shirts in a size up that would be fairly loose and easy to nurse in, and it was really nice to have something cute and new to put on my new body, especially since we've had lots of visitors in and out.  It may sound a little superficial, and I'm sure that no one would care if I was in my sweats, but just feeling a little less frumpy has been very good for my mental state.

2)  PJ and I left Colin with my mom and took Cara to Target for a few minutes last night.  I have missed my baby girl!  My attention is divided a lot of times now, especially because Colin really likes to nurse, and something as simple as pushing Cara in the cart at Target became a good way to spend time with her and chat about My Little Pony.  It was also good for me to get out of the house and into the world for a few minutes.  We picked up some brownie mix, and Cara and I made brownies together when we got home.  She's only two and a half, so it's doubtful she will remember her first time making brownies with Mommy, but I will.  I think I needed that more than she did.

3)  I think this is probably obvious, but I am so thankful for the help that we have had so far.  My mom stayed with us last week, PJ's mom is here for a few days this week, and my dad has brought by dinner and special treats for the babies (including that awesome, amazing, Cara's most favorite thing ever, Belle balloon).  Having our family here has been such a blessing, especially for Cara.  She loves the extra attention she gets from her grandparents, and the extra pair of hands has been invaluable.  Especially when I realized it had been a few days since my last shower...

4)  The bouncy seat, hands down, is the best baby invention ever.  So far, it's the only place Colin will sleep besides in our bed or in someone's arms.  Granted, he is only five days old, so he's allowed to be picky about his sleeping locations, but being able to put him down means that PJ and I can eat dinner!  WooHoo!  The bouncy seat was also Cara's favorite put-down spot, so I'm sensing a trend.  This morning, the bouncy seat allowed me an entire hour of sleep unattached to the newborn, and it was amazing.  The whole bed to myself!  Thank you, bouncy seat!

And because everyone loves pictures of babies, here they are:


  1. Sweet post! I love those first few weeks! He's such a sweetie, Jessica. Glad to hear it's easier this time around. Not having the fear of the unknown was definitely a big help to me when Adalyn was born. :)

  2. This was awesome to read - I'm very interested in your insights into baby #2. I'm glad the first week has gone reasonably well and that you are getting help!

  3. Definitely smart to get some clothes for after birth, wish I would have thought of that! Anything to help the mental state of a sleep deprived mama! Glad your blessed with family to help with the transition :)

  4. Oh sweetie! Nursing on the toilet! So been there!!! And I totally agree-the second time around is so much better! You'll find a groove. My #2 was a huge nurser, and wanted to be held all.the.time. I looooved my peanut shell sling----do you have any kind of wrap/ sling? I never used it with number #1, but it became necessary with the second! And, actually, almost 3 years later, she still loves to be held. :)


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