Mar 12, 2012


What to do when you are overdue?

Well, on Friday, I worked at school grading midterms and trying to get every detail right for my sub until 7 pm.  I am still not quite done with the grading, but it will get done eventually.

On Saturday, I took Cara on a lunch date to Chic-Fil-A with my two favorite girlfriends.  She made Jillian take her to the potty (No, mom!  It's Jillian's turn!) and had lots of fun climbing up into the playplace.  She has just now gotten tall enough to climb all the way in, and I've been afraid to take her to play by myself because if she happened to get stuck, this gigantic mama would not be able to save her.  We had no such problems though.  I had some pretty good contractions almost all day long.  I wanted to be hopeful, but I also wanted to be skeptical because it's really hard to come down from the "I might be in labor!" and "This will all be over soon!" high. 

My wonderful, wonderful husband took me on a date Saturday night, contractions and all.  (Cara's daycare offers up babysitting one Saturday a month...$25 for FIVE HOURS of fun.  It's the best deal ever.)  We had a giftcard for Outback, but we left once we realized there was a 90 minute wait.  90 minutes.  What the crap.  We went to a local restaurant that turned out to be the perfect date location.  It was in an old bank downtown, quiet and romantic, with delicious food.  And zero wait.

On Sunday, the contractions had pretty much stopped, so we tempted fate some more by going to church and sending me to the grocery store alone.  Fate resisted.  I have been very concerned with getting things ready in our house in case someone else, like Grandaddy, Grandmama, or Bitsy, has to take care of Cara.  I wanted our freezer stocked with chicken nuggets and tons of fruit in the fridge, and I wanted Cara's clothes all washed and put away.  Still nesting, I guess?

So that brings me to today and a doctor's appointment.  Baby's heartrate is very strong and gets stronger when he moves, which the doctor says is a very good thing.  I asked not to be checked because I didn't think I could handle hearing that I am still about a fingertip dilated and beginning to efface.  I also couldn't hear that I was 3 cm dilated either because it might not mean anything at all...I'm desperately trying to take care of my mental state! :-) PJ decided to hang out at home with me today, so our project is getting our office/sewing room/guest room actually ready to house guests.  Projects are good, right?  Pass the time, make the waiting seem more bearable.


  1. I really feel for you! Hang in there!

  2. If you haven't gone into labor yet, get a pedicure. Supposedly there are reflexology muscles that can make you go into labor, but more than that, it feels good :) And the nurses and doctors will admire your feet!


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