Mar 9, 2012

random news

  • Today is Baby Colin's due date as well as my last day of a work for while.  I am strangely at peace with the fact that he is making no signs of coming into the world today or even tomorrow.  My mom and husband can attest that I was a certified LUNATIC when Cara was late.  Certified.
  • I bought Cara some hairbows (as well as a huge puzzle and a princess memory game) at a consignment sale last week, and she is loving them.  She wants to wear one every day, in addition to her lipstick (which is really just lip balm) and glitter on her cheeks.  (I swear that I do not encourage the make up.  She asks for her lipstick and glitter almost every morning.  Apple and tree or something like that...)  The picture on the right was sent to me by Cara's teacher at school.  This girl knows she's adorable.

  • My husband really knows the way to my heart.  Not only did he sweep the vaulted ceiling in our living room, but he also set up a carpet cleaning this week.  Our ceiling was covered in dust and cobwebs, which sounds so gross, but it's just not something I notice very often.  Ooops!  All clean now!

  • Friday nights have become movie nights at our house, and Cara has started to really look forward to picking out a movie from the "movie shop."  She talked about wanting Peter Pan for a week before we actually made it to Blockbuster to rent it, and I think this week's pick is going to the The Little Mermaid. 
  • In addition to talking about movies, here is another recent conversation: "Mommy is too tired.  Daddy, you better take me to the beach."  Um, the beach is over three hours away, but yesterday, little girl was determined to find a way to get there. 


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  2. Glad your remaining calm on your due date...I was inconsolable on mine! Happy movie night!

    I'm at krista2021 on Instagram if you'd like to follow :)

  3. Yay for hair bows and clean ceilings. And I STILL love 'The Little Mermaid.'

  4. You have to love her determination about the beach!


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