Apr 18, 2012


Reading:  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies...I know.  Where did my love for dark fantasy fiction begin?  I used to be a die hard Sparks, Picoult, Grisham reader, but these days, I'm craving fantasy.  What's even better is that I read Pride and Prejudice fairly recently, so I remember the style and humor of the original quite well.  Makes the zombie version even funnier.  I'm also a big fan of nonfiction these days; I just finished A Night to Remember, which is the story of the sinking of the Titanic.  It was an Amazon Daily Deal for the  Kindle, and I went through a Titanic obsession phase back in the day.  Definitely worth $1.99.

Watching:  stupid daytime talk shows.  I spend so much time on my couch nursing and holding Colin while he sleeps that I now have a talk show for almost every hour of the day between 10 AM and 3 PM.  How sad.  However, I like The Talk better than The View.

Working On:  a new dress for Cara.  My mom brought me the cutest pink paper doll fabric that she found in her stash, and I have been debating over the style of dress that would suit it best.  After I got a good look at the size and shape of the piece of fabric, I decided to make another Tea Party Dress.  I started cutting it out yesterday, but my moments to myself are brief right now, so this project will probably take me a while.

Thinking About:  how I am going to manage getting to school on time with two babies.  When Cara was an infant, I was up pumping at 5 every morning and I spent almost every break at work pumping, and the thought of going back to that schedule makes me feel like throwing myself a pity party.  It was a pretty exhausting schedule to keep, so I'm brainstorming ways to make things easier when I go back to work.  I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Anticipating:  the day Colin figures out what his eating/sleeping schedule is going to be.  Things are sooo up-in-the-air hit-or-miss right now, and it's driving me bonkers.  Some days we have three hour naps and some days we have 15 minute naps.  Sometimes he can go 3 or 4 hours between feedings and sometimes it's an hour between.  He's only four weeks old, so I'm not really expecting a definite schedule for a few months, but Cara is so predictable these days that I had gotten a bit spoiled.

Listening To:  NPR or the white noise app on our iphones.  White noise is like baby sleep magic at night.

Eating:  delicious meals that our ABF at church has been bringing over.  Seriously, I have not had to cook since Colin was born four weeks ago.  I can't tell you what a blessing these folks have been to us, not to mention that they are some darn good cooks.

Wishing:  for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I know it's not going to happen right now, but a girl can wish, right? :-)

PS--I totally stole the idea for this post from Danielle.

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  1. I remember the talk show routine when I was on maternity leave too. Can't say I miss 'em. Hope baby C gets a little more consistent soon. Thank goodness for the kindness of your church friends, having meals provided is a lifesaver!


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