Apr 1, 2012

egg hunting

"When did late spring get here?" I asked as we enjoyed our lunch out on the deck today. I think I was completely oblivious to everything except pregnant, sub plans, and birth for two or three weeks, and then BAM...it's 80 degrees. Don't for one minute read that as a complaint; this is my favorite time of year.

We managed our first family of four outing on Saturday, and no one cried, not even me. Our church had a spring celebration picnic, complete with an Easter egg hunt, and obviously, Cara had a blast.

Actually, I think we all had some fun. (I'm sure PJ thinks I didn't notice him blowing bubbles with all the little kids...but I saw it!) I got a tutorial on how to work an Ergo carrier--it took the help of TWO dear friends to show me how the first time--and I now know why everyone raves about them.  Mr. Colin slept through most of the afternoon in that brilliant carrier, but he told me later that it was a pretty fun nap.

All in all, I'm just proud of us for all getting out of the house.  Building confidence, remember? :-)

(side note: See Cara's boo-boo on her lip?  She said she "flip flopped" out of a swing at school and "the dirt did it."  True story.)


  1. That's adorable a, I love her little plaid shorts! And, I haven't even had a baby recently and I agree about how in the world is it April?

  2. Easter brings so much fun! Egg hunts and flowers and sun, glad you got to enjoy them and build some confidence in your mama of two abilities :)

  3. I love Cara's little strike-a-pose pose. :) She's so adorable!

    Glad to hear you survived your first outing! It only gets easier from here.


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