Apr 12, 2012

happy face

What I am about to say here may come as a surprise to someone who has not parented a newborn. Those who have will most likely nod in agreement. Here it is: little babies can be very frustrating.

As soon as you think you have your baby figured out, he will inevitably have an overtired, take-no-prisoners fit, probably right at the moment when you really, really, really want him to go to sleep. Clearly, I am speaking from experience.

When Colin gets a little fussy, nursing usually does the trick. I am a human pacifier more often than I want to admit, but whatever. It has been working. Until it doesn't and Colin is all "GET THAT BOOB AWAY FROM ME" and I'm all "WELL, I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT THEN" (this is when a good husband steps in and starts swinging the baby around like a papa monkey). Those are some frustrating hours moments.

And then this happens:

Adorable little happy faces make mommies forget all about the frustrations.

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  1. Haha!!! This made me laugh out loud. We have had these very same scenarios play out. And oh my word, Colin is SO precious!! That chin!!! Kate and I want to come meet him soon. Maybe after you are out for summer?

    1. Yes! I would love a visit! A big baby/toddler/big boy play date sounds like fun!

  2. Oh my gosh, Colin is adorable! I'm glad he's making it all worth your while. :)

  3. So true! Anna has given me about three or four rough nights in a row, but those morning smiles make my memory of the night before a little foggy:) I love this post!

  4. so sweet!!! I love pix top right =^D

    Poping in with Happiness is Hop =)


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