Apr 15, 2012

random news

  •  I think my husband and my mom conspired this weekend to help me feel like a human again.  My mom babysat Big C and Little C Saturday night so that PJ and I could go see The Hunger Games.  Can I pause here for a moment to tell you how much I LOVED IT??!!  I love seeing how directors imagine these fictional settings and characters, and these particular settings and characters (especially in the Capitol) were amazing.  If you haven't read those books, I highly recommend them.
  • Just when I thought our date couldn't get any more awesome (I mean, we were out of the house sans children), I realized I had a gift card for the movies!  Our date was FREE!  H-yeah!
  • And then today, PJ sent me to Target and the grocery store all. by. myself.  Alone time.  It was great.
  • My hair has started the postpartum fallout.  It's a little depressing and ridiculous.
  • Cara is currently obsessed with her birthday, as in planning her birthday party.  If you ask her about it--or sometimes even if you don't ask--she will tell you when her birthday is and that she is going to have a pink party at the beach.  With a pink cake, pink lemonade, a pink crown, a pink princess skirt, and...and...and...
  • Colin has started making more happy faces in between nursing and fussing. In my mind, I know he's not really old enough for a social smile, but I love his little poop smiles anyway!
  • Spring is such a good time for a parade, isn't it?

parade watching

hanging out with Grandaddy

no parade is complete without the hillbilly clan...

and a steel drum band. 


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful few days (minus the hair thinning...bummer). I hope you soaked up as much relaxation as possible:)

    1. It was wonderful! And to top it all off, the babe decided to wake up every four hours last night instead of the usual every two. It's amazing what four straight hours of sleep will do for a mama's sanity! :-)

  2. I recently started the Hunger Games series, a little late to the party I know but I can't wait to see the movie once I'm finished.
    Cara sounds like a girl who knows her mind :) A pink beach party sounds perfect.
    I bet the steel drums were awesome...welcome Spring!

    1. It's never too late to party! :-) I usually end up liking the book better than the movie (I'm a nerd), but I liked the movie as well as I did the book this time!


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