Apr 11, 2012

wiww + cousin fun

Look!  I got dressed!  WooHoo!
Jeans: Old Navy; Striped Top: F21; Blue Top: Target; Flip Flops: Rainbows; Pink Flats: Crocs

Okay, I know these outfits are nothing terribly exciting, but I am not wearing workout pants and t-shirts.  In fact, I'm not even wearing t-shirts with my jeans.  I have on actual, wear-in-public shirts.  Not pictured here: the baby I have been wearing pretty much any time I leave the house and my outfits from Easter Sunday and today.  I forgot to take pictures...

Today was kind of a big day.  It was the first day that I have had both Cs home with just me.  We didn't make it out for our morning walk (Little C and I usually take a nice long walk after we drop Big C off at school), but that's okay.  Learning curve or something.  Anyway, my sister and her three little ones came from far, far away to meet Mr. Colin and hang out for a little while.  Cousin-fun-chaos ensued. 

My little house feels so cramped when we have playmates around, so we went to the park to stretch our legs.  The park in the spring is always more fun than cooped up in my tiny house. :-)  Even though Little C's only naps were in the Ergo and Big C's was in the car, today is still counted as a success.  Confidence is building every time I get two children dressed, make it out of the house, get something to eat on the table, put two children in their beds at night...

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  1. Yes! You go, mama. And look at how clean your room is. Be proud!


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