Apr 4, 2012


It is time to get rid of the frump.  I am so over feeling round and swollen, and I am beyond thankful that things are beginning to go back where they belong.  My belly still looks three or four months pregnant, but I can deal with that.  I just need to feel like me again, to a certain extent.  I also need to be able to nurse easily and be comfortable, which can easily translate into "yoga pants and a t-shirt," so I'm back to What I Wore and linking up with The Pleated Poppy.  I'm definitely probably writing this wearing my yoga pants and t-shirt, but I managed to get dressed twice last week.  I'm calling that success.

Here's what I wore to the spring picnic on Saturday:

Yes, I agree that the picture is a little goofy, and you can't really see what I'm wearing, but I felt like I needed to post some evidence that I was actually dressed.  I might not have fixed my hair or worn make up, but I was dressed.  Here's what I was wearing:

first family outing

I am a big fan of the polka dot top and those shoes are super comfy.  Those are not actually the jeans I wore, but mine looked kind of similar.  And, don't forget the everpresent nursing tank.  That thing can really come in handy.  (PS--Polyvore > Pinterest)

And, here's what I wore to church on Sunday:

Again, the picture is a little goofy, and I had already pulled my hair back (probably because I had not actually fixed it again...), but I am excited about two things here:  1) that is not a maternity skirt; and 2) those shoes.  It felt really good to wear heels again after months of very swollen feet. 


  1. You look wonderful, but I would (and have) embraced the yoga pants and t-shirts as long I as I can while it's still acceptable for me to wear them in public:) Those shoes are super-cute though!

  2. You look really great - props to you for being out at at least two events! I have a hard time imagining the great unknown of life with 2, so it's good to know you felt good enough to get out!


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