May 5, 2012

life lately via instagram

fancy hair
six lemons + 1/2 cup simple syrup + 6ish cups water = delicious
the artist
Saturday morning
happy boy in his homemade outfit
Cara and Daddy putting together her new tricycle
making friends with Elmo and Brown Bear
finally getting around to putting Cara's paper doll dress together
rediscovering her old baby toys
recipe here


  1. I just adore how you fix Cara's hair! How in the world you always get those braids so perfectly even, tight and beautiful is beyond me, let alone on a toddler! I hope Campbell will a.) have enough hair for this one day and b.) will be still long enough for me to try these pretty hairstyles!

    1. I call this "princess hair" and that's been enough to convince Princess Cara that she needs to sit still for a few minutes! :-) That and cartoons.


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