Jun 18, 2012

the baby sleep update you've all been waiting for

It is just after 9 AM, and I am sorely tempted to put on another pot of coffee.  One should not be this tired this early in the day.  Colin is already down for his first nap of the day--that should tell you something about his our night.  *Sigh*

Things were going really, really well for a while there.  By 10 weeks, Colin had slept through the night a whopping four times, and on most nights, he was only waking up once around 3 or 4 AM to nurse.  The night waking wasn't so bad, especially because he's been sleeping in a cradle in our room.  I thought that we were surely on the road to sleeping through the night and eventually moving into the crib in the shared nursery, but really, what do I know?

Apparently, nothing, because for the past two to three weeks, Colin has decided that he needs to wake up to nurse whenever I come in the room to go to bed and then every three hours after that.  *yawn*  I thought it might be a growth spurt or teething (at barely three months? again, what do I know?), but I'm starting to feel a little worn down by this fragmented nighttime sleep.  Coupled with the incredibly early wake up times that my children enjoy, I am finding myself desperate for some caffeine to make it through dinner.

(Before I go any further, I want to commend my sweet son on his epic napping ability.  While I won't say he is on a "schedule" (whatever that is), I can confidently say that I know he will take two to three naps every day, and at least one of those naps will be over two hours long.  He sleeps swaddled up in his cradle with some white noise droning on, and this does give me a chance to clean, eat, sew, work out, or whatever else I decide to do.  Maybe I should decide to nap...)

I wondered if sleeping in our bedroom was causing these frequent nighttime wakings.  I doubt Colin is really hungry, but the boy really likes to nurse and snuggle, and I think he knows that I am easily accessible.  If I want to be a little less easily accessible, the logical thing seems to be to move the boy out of our room.  We debated moving the cradle to another room, but Colin is getting to be a big, strong, active baby who is probably quickly outgrowing the cradle.  So, I decided to brave two babies in one room.

Colin goes down for the night between 6:30 and 7, but Cara's bedtime to closer to 8, so I put Colin down in the cradle first; then, I moved him to his crib after his first wake-up around 10.  Everything seemed fine until midnight when Colin decided to wake up again...and then again two hours later...and again two hours later.  I don't have very good judgment when I am half asleep, so Colin eventually ended up in the bed with us where he had his own little dance party.  Rock on!

I don't really expect Colin to sleep through the night at barely three months, but it would be nice if he was moving in that direction.  Instead, he seems to be going backwards.  I have read that good daytime sleep equals good nighttime sleep, and I feel like Colin is doing great on the daytime sleep.  Ignoring him during the night doesn't feel like an option because A) that seems especially mean if he is in our room and B) if he's in the nursery, he's going to wake up his sister, which is a bad, bad idea.  I'm not sure where to go from here.  I guess I could stick it out with Colin in the nursery for a few more nights to see if he adjusts and starts sleeping for longer stretches, or maybe there is some other option that I can't come up with because I am so very tired.

I totally just made another pot of coffee.


  1. "One should not be this tired this early in the day." Yes, yes, yes to this! It's amazing, isn't it? (And I don't have a baby and a toddler to think about!)

    As for teething at three months...that sounds about right to me, actually. Except that I remember absolutely nothing about that time! It sounds like you guys are doing really well, and this is just a minor setback in the grand scheme of sleep.

  2. I love reading your Posts, especially the last three months because it seems we are in the same boat. Lucie sleeps well most days/nights, but even the two or three interruptions in the night make for a tired, cranky mommy in the day. Know you are not alone. And as I dont have a solution, just have some sympathy! Keep truckin'!!

  3. 9 days into two children and I'm now able to REALLY FEEL you! I'm a little terrified about my mom leaving bc then that means I won't be able to sleep/stay in bed till 7/7:30 because she won't be there to get up with Jack! I'm thinking Jacob is about to have to take on some more morning duties. Jack didn't sleep through the night till he was 1, but always slept great in the daytime. Most of that was just a 4-ish wake-up to eat, so certainly not a bad thing. Anything more than that is hard to handle! Cora has no schedule yet except that she does seem to wake up for the first time not too long after I go to sleep which makes for a long night. I'm still in the honeymoon phase where I like cuddling her (once I am actually awake), but like I said - SCARED about when my mom leaves!

  4. Ugh. It's so frustrating when none of the books tell you what you really need to know! When Paul was born, we lived in a 2 bedrooom apt. My big girls shared a room and Paul was supposed to share with us. Yeah. Right. He'd wake up the instant we tried to go to bed, so WE ended up sleeping in the LIVING ROOM for months and months and months because we just....well, we just couldn't figure out what else to do. Kids are hard, man.

  5. Thanks for being honest about baby sleep. My first baby slept just like this and i honestly thought something was wrong with her i wish id read more blogs or talked to real mums rather then reading from so called sleep experts. Would have saved my sanity to know it was normal baby behavior. We ended up co sleeping til things improved and it was a life saver! Hope u get some more sleep soon. Sounds like u are doing well. Again thanks for being honest :)

  6. You poor girl, I remember it well. Constantly interrupted sleep can be just as bad as no sleep at all. Best of luck!

  7. If it makes you feel better, we think Roland starting teething at 4mo (even though we didn't see a tooth until 6 mo) and that interrupted his sleep. Teething has always been the hardest thing for him...and for us...because it seems to be the only thing that will wake him up at night. And once he is awake, he is awake for 2+ hours. However, we notice that it is a pattern; it is difficult for 1-2 weeks, then we have a break with great sleep, then another round of teething. We are actually at the end of another round of teething right now (or, we hope it is the end).

    Roland also liked to eat a lot and for long periods of time, and we did bring him into bed with us a few times because we just had to do something to get sleep. He never got used to sleeping with us (and he absolutely refuses to do so now), so all of those books that say that letting your child into your bed is bad because then the child gets used to it (blah, blah, blah) proved false with Roly.

    Your stories about Colin remind me of Roland...and are working to prepare me for baby #2...so I assume that what he is going through is just a 'boy thing'--best of luck!


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