Jun 27, 2012

party planning {my baby cannot really be turning three...}

Cara is SUPER excited about her birthday this year, and she has lots of ideas for her party.  Planning a big birthday party really intimidates me for some reason, which is why we are going to keep it to family again this year.  In order to satisfy my big girl though, I'm going to have to do some decorating, especially since Cara has requested pink everything--pink cupcakes, pink lemonade, pink balloons, pink roses even. Thank goodness for Pinterest! :-)

I love the way these cupcakes are displayed and the toppers are adorable:

This is a fun pink lemonade themed party:
Source: hwtm.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Hanging these pom-poms from the ceiling would be a fun way to decorate, and we could reuse them in her room after the party.  Added bonus--they look kind of like those pink flowers Cara requested and a friend from back in the day makes them:

Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Cara has also requested that I make her a twirly skirt to wear on her birthday. I will probably stick to my favorite Market Skirt, but I found a few other twirly skirt tutorials that could work too:

Any other awesome three-year-old birthday ideas?


  1. I was nervous about party planning, too, when M turned three back in December (we didn't do a party for years 1 or 2). It'll come together. You already have some adorable ideas!

  2. I have a cupcake holder if you want to borrow it! Looks like it will be a fun time!

  3. Looks like she'll have a great party if you're going with those ideas :)! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. I think the pink lemonade one is cute. I really like the patterned tablecloths and cupcake wrappers. These are great inspirations, I'm sure it will turn out great!


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