Jun 4, 2012

seven years

Today is my seventh wedding anniversary, and we're not making a big deal about it.  Sure, we've got Granddaddy lined up to babysit so that we can have a dinner date, but we said no cards, no flowers, no gifts.  Because there is no better gift that this:

  The beginning of marriage is the beginning of a new family, and we're there.  Seven years later, we've created a beautiful family, and I couldn't be more happy or content.

Happy Anniversary, PJ!  I love you more every day!


  1. Happy anniversary, Jessica and PJ!

  2. aww! we are just a month and a few weeks behind you! though our babies are much furrier, and with less pinch-able cheeks. Congratulations and I am sure you two will enjoy many, many more years together!

  3. very sweet - happy anniversary!

  4. What a gorgeous pic of your kids, a great moment captured! Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubby and congrats on the beautiful creation of a family :)


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