Jul 17, 2012

Cara goes to the dentist.

Cara went to the dentist yesterday for the very first time, and no tears were shed by ANYONE (not even Colin)!  I was a bit worried about my big girl, especially since she balked at a haircut, but she was so brave. She did spend the first 20 minutes or so pretending to be a kitten, but that's how I handle my nervousness too.  

(When I was taking pre-calculus in high school, I always said that my homework made me want to turn into a cat.  Seriously.  Cats have it so good: sleep, eat, get loved on.  No trying to learn mathematical formulas that make no sense.  I was clearly on to something...)

The dental hygienist found Cara's meowing adorable and convinced her to sit in that big scary chair and allow shiny, pointy objects into her mouth.  In fact, Cara went along with everything the hygienist wanted to do.  Counting teeth, polishing, even flossing!  Of course, there was a treasure box trip and an Ariel toothbrush waiting on the other side.  Maybe if we promise an Ariel hairbrush, Cara will allow a teeny, tiny haircut.

1 comment:

  1. Yea!! Love that Cara did so well for her first appt :) I'm sure her hygienist loved her!


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