Jul 27, 2012

insta-Friday + a few links

(In all honesty, not all these pics made it to my IG, so I guess I should call this a Camera Roll dump.)

This man is such an amazing daddy.  Watching moments like these does my heart good.

On this particular evening, the paci and a glass of red wine saved dinner.

This girl with her wild, crazy hair.

Bless Colin's heart in this pink exersaucer!  My mom has this one at her house, and Colin LOVED it.  He felt like a big boy.

It's a Cara under a table!

We've started homemade purees with the baby boy.  For the first few days, his reaction to seeing the spoon was to suck in his bottom lip.  He's gradually warming up to the idea.  No pressure, little dude.

My big girl in her birthday bubble dress.  Cutie. Pie.

And a few links I've been loving this week:
  • My Meringue skirt was featured on Coletterie on Monday!  I am so incredibly flattered, especially because I still feel like such a sewing beginner.  Thank you, Sarai and Colette Patterns!
  • This recipe will be on my dinner table next week.  We love quinoa and peppers around here.
  • I am IN LOVE with this cute set of measuring cups!  I'm sure I know a certain sister who could paint a one-of-a-kind set for a Christmas present...
  • I should really frame this print in the shared nursery.  This sums up my parenting philosophy perfectly.
  • My friend Courtney posted everything she does in a day with her toddler son and her newborn daughter.  I can completely relate, but it makes me exhausted to read it.
  • DIY batik skirt--I love this look!
  • My Pastille dress inspiration!  I'm so very intimidated by this pattern, which is the next dress I intend to sew for myself (but first Cara's getting a first-day-of-school outfit), but this dress makes me want to spend the time to fit my Pastille perfectly.


  1. A secure man can totally rock pink, go Collin.

    All hail the paci! I remember those days, one of THE BEST inventions :)

    Have a good weekend Jessica!

  2. Stopping by from Life.Rearranged. LOVE that first picture! Daddy love is the best! Pacifier & red wine. That made me laugh. Along with the manly pink exersaucer. So sweet. Have a good week!

  3. haha, shouting out each other week - I'm writing about my Stitch Fix experience and crediting you - thanks for turning me on to it!

  4. What sweet kids you have :) I totally cracked up at the pink exersaucer! Have a lovely week!


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