Jul 8, 2012

toddler no more

My baby girl is three years old.  I am the parent of a spunky, smart, sweet, beautiful preschooler.  One who had an absolute blast at her pink birthday party.

Her birthday weekend of fun started with a sleepover with her cousin Brooklyn.

Grandmama got the girls matching pajamas.

So silly.  I love it.

birthday breakfast

I made Cara two birthday outfits.  The first dress was really just a present:

the adorableness of the Oliver and S Bubble Dress

those buttons!  those scallops!

The twirly princess skirt was a special request.  Cara wore it underneath her Rapunzel dress.

Cara had some rather specific ideas about decorations for her party.  She wanted pink EVERYTHING.  Since we couldn't repaint the dining room pink, we had to come up with another plan, but I think these pink pom-poms added just the right amount of frilly, pink girlishness.  Cara loved them. (Side note: I have a feeling these will be hanging in our dining room for a little while longer, but they will eventually move to Cara's side of the shared nursery.  I love these so much that I might even steal one to hang in my closet or something.)

pom-poms from SnapLilly

My mom found this tablecloth at Big Lots, and my sister baked and decorated the cupcakes.  Her pink lemonade frosting was heavenly!

Cara's reaction to singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles was priceless.  These are some of my favorite pictures of her.  

One of the most fun things at the party was this cardboard castle:
three princesses

I'm so incredibly thankful to our family for coming to celebrate our baby girl.  Cara is surrounded by wonderful people who love her so much, and I couldn't ask for anything better for her.  Happy birthday, sweet girl!  


  1. Cara's expressions in those pictures are adorable! And I love how the girls had matching pj's. The pom-poms are great, you should totally put some in your room too ;)
    Glad Cara had such fun and love showered on her for her birthday!

  2. i love their matching pj's!! super cute little girls! Happy Birthday :)



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