Aug 25, 2012

over the hump

My students came back to school on Wednesday, and I was there on time.  Can I take a moment to bask in the victory of not being late yet?  We're over the hump, folks.  We made it through the first day of school!

Mornings are only a little crazy, which is honestly a pretty decent improvement over last school year.  I figured out a few tricks, silly things like showering right before I go to bed and having Cara's breakfast on the table before I go wake her up and putting my own clothes on at the last possible second to avoid the poop and spit up.  And so far, it's working.  PJ and I (plus children, obviously) have been walking out of the door at 7:15 with fanfare and celebration.  And to think that I was stressed and nervous about all of this...

Actually, I really was.  It was sort of all-consuming for a few weeks.  I spent way too many moments worrying about every single detail of how on earth I was going to make "going back to work for real" actually happen.  The funny thing about stress and worry is that it doesn't stop anything from happening.  The first day of school didn't cease to exist because I was worried about it.  In fact, I realized that all this stressing and worrying was keeping me from living, and I made a conscious decision to quit.  I'm done with that.  This life that I have is one that I would not change for anything, so why am I constantly worried about how to make it all work?  It already does.

This all made sense me to on Friday night.  I planned to go to a painting class with some girlfriends, but I was so, so tired by Friday afternoon that even going to do something fun felt like another chore.  I'm not a painter, there are things I need to do at home, blah, blah, blah went my inner monologue.  Fortunately, canceling would have still cost me some money, so I went.  And I had so much fun that I signed up to take another class in a few weeks.  

my dandelion that my purple-loving daughter immediately claimed for her room

On the way home from the class, I got to thinking about my attitude.  Why did I work myself up into such a bad mood?  Here I am, grumbling and whining through the blessings in my life when I should be enjoying them.  Savoring them.  So that's what I decided to do.

PJ spent all day today shooting guns at clay thingys, so it was just me and the two kiddos at home.  Normally, I would have been worrying about how I was going to manage both of them and run errands and clean up the house, and, and, and, but this time, I let all that go.  Not only did my house get mostly cleaned up (I bribed Cara to help me with the promise of a new toy, which was actually a Christmas toy that I hid in her closet {sneaky mommy}), but my dad came over and let me go to Target BY MYSELF, and then my friend Melissa stopped by with her daughter for a quick playdate.  Basically, life minus stress and worry equals snuggles, swirls, and swings.

there's the hidden Christmas toy and the happy three-year-old


happy, adorable baby boy

look at them, telling secrets already

baby burrito quilt

Aug 24, 2012

instadump--cara edition

Three years old is pretty awesome so far.

Aug 16, 2012

five months

(Technically, Colin won't be five months for a few more days, but who really keeps up with these minute details?  Someone who doesn't have a a preschooler and a baby, that's who.)

We have reached that golden period of babyhood when a rolly, bouncy, giggly, curious, silly baby replaces the tiny, snuggly newborn.  Notice that I seem to have already forgotten how much crying newborns do.  That's probably because we don't have so much crying around these parts anymore.  Of course, there's the normal amount of I need your undivided attention right now! baby wailing, but really, Colin is just squishy and happy.  We get so many smiles and giggles.  We've even started to get some games.  Here's how you play:
Look at Colin.
Tell him he's cute.
He will dissolve into giggles and bury his face in my shoulder.
He will look back at you, eyes big

Colin has decided that pureed baby food is not his thing.  Instead, he prefers to eat what everyone else is eating, just a little smaller.  Black beans, pasta, cauliflower, green beans, whatever.  He will not be held back by not having any teeth.

Also, daycare?  Amazing.  His teachers are so loving and sweet, and he's so happy to be there.  He's happy to see me too, and that feeling is beyond wonderful.  In fact, this boy seems to charm all of his caregivers.  Babysitters, nursery workers at church all tell me how much they love him, what a perfect baby he is.  Not to brag or anything. 

Cara still adores her baby brother, and the feeling is definitely mutual.  He will stop fussing as soon as she comes over to talk to him.  His little face just lights up when he sees her. 

On top of all the amazing babyness, check this out:

No, he's not just smashing his face into the floor for no reason.  See him pushing those little legs?  The boy is trying to crawl.  He can get his shoulders up or his booty up, and it's only a matter of time before he figures out how to get them both going together.  In the meantime, he pushes that little booty up and face-plants ahead.  I kind of hope he takes a few more months to really figure out that crawling thing.  I would like to hold on to this golden babyhood just a little while longer.

Aug 13, 2012


I am stuck in the purgatory of planning.  Nothing has started, nothing has ended, nothing is happening.  And yet, there are meal plans and lesson plans, plans for the morning and plans for the evening, plans for packing backpacks and lunches, plans that never work.  And the questions...How much time will we have? How many bottles does Colin need? Do I have to put things in this order? Did I remember to buy all the groceries? When will my students get their textbooks?  This is not my favorite place.  Two kids, a husband, and a full-time job make me believe that life will not go on if I haven't planned for it.  Or I guess it will go on, but we won't have anything clean to wear or healthy to eat.

I am wasting time now to figure out the best use of time later when I really just want to dive in and do

Aug 9, 2012

this week

Welp, it's been quite a week.  Colin started daycare, and he proved (again) that he's a champ and daycare is awesome.  He's happy when I leave him, and he's happy when I pick him up.  His teacher texts me a time or two throughout the day to tell me that everything is great.  I even get a picture if I'm lucky.

Colin at daycare, obviously soooo upset about it.

Sleeping through the night is still not high on Colin's priority list.  Whatev.  I'm kind of enjoying those midnight and 4 am snuggles since we're not snuggling all day long anymore.  I hope I can still say that when I have to be up at *cough, cough* 5:30 am next week...

my early morning cuddle bug

The most exciting thing this week, by far, has been Cara's haircut.  We've had a bit of haircut drama in the past, but Cara is now a big girl.  Her main worry was that cutting her hair would hurt, but I assured her that haircuts do not cause pain unless they are bad haircuts.  Which hers would not be because my dad's sweet wife Kaz would be taking very good care of her.

At the beginning, Cara was still a bit nervous, so she required a little Granddaddy hand-holding.

Colin was like "it's cool."

haircut, continued

Colin was like, "still hanging out, guys."

Things started to get pretty funny, especially after Cara sneezed a huge piece of MULCH out of her nose. OMG, THREE YEARS OLD.

She is not cheesing at all.  Not. At. All.

Miss FancyPants and her gorgeous new hair

In other non-child related news, I got my first haircut in NINE months and my first pedicure in A YEAR.  I feel better now.

Aug 5, 2012

sailboat tops in flowers

I made Cara two new "back to school" tops, even though she's not exactly going "back to school."  I originally planned to make her an entire outfit, but time got away from me.  Two little tops will do for now, and I'm sure I can find a weekend soon to make her a little skirt to match. :-)

Both of these tops were made with the Oliver and S Sailboat Top pattern.  As with all Oliver and S patterns that I have made so far, this one was easy to follow and included lots of cute details like curved hems and decorative topstitching.  I especially appreciate that the finished product always feels quite professional but handmade at the same time.

Sailboat Top #1 (sleeves shortened because, let's face it, summer hangs around SC until October most years):

The fabric is the same rayon challis that I used for my Taffy blouse.  It was such a pain to work with on a top this tiny, and I'm not sure why.  However, I'm glad it's a really busy pattern because I made plenty of mistakes, as I always do on my first try with a new pattern.  And I had some major tension issues with my sewing machine.  Grrr...

Cara and I made a special shopping trip to pick out the perfect buttons.  This top features purple glitter hearts on one shoulder and blue on the other.  She's such a little fashionista.

A 3T fits her perfectly right this very second.  I should probably go ahead and buy the next size up in this pattern before I make the matching skirt if I want her to wear it through the fall.

Sailboat Top #2 (sleeveless)

I adore this fabric.  Cara found it on the sale table at Hancock (seriously, she found it.  She's my fabric shopping sidekick), and I think it's cotton lawn.  Definitely not quilting cotton, but still definitely cotton.  At $2.50 a yard, I couldn't leave any of it there.  

more sparkly heart buttons because they're just perfect

she's awesome.

Aug 3, 2012


little chevron circles that became...

an adorable mobile!

nursing snuggles

she's taking notes, folks

*sigh* I can't stand it.  He's too squishy.

We couldn't leave him in that pink exersaucer forever.  My friend graciously lent us this slightly less pink one.

The day she wants to cut it off will break my heart.  But for now, she wants it as long as possible.

"You can't take a picture of me right now, mom.  I'm too busy cooking."

This girl is totally distracted by Curious George.  There is no getting through to her.  Please note the empty kitchen and dollhouse behind her.  I wonder where all those toys are...

I have been in a funk this week.  I've been dreading the end of summer--taking Colin to daycare--getting up super early--rushing through the evenings--having to take a shower every day--none of it sounds like much fun.  However, I'm working through an attitude adjustment.  Colin has been doing better during the night, so that's helping in a big way; when he's waking up three and four times a night, going back to work feels overwhelming, but he's only woken up once for the past few nights.  I have finished several sewing projects that were on my list, so I'm down to three left.  I'm spending a little extra time with the babies today, trying to fill up some love tanks.  A dip in the baby pool is just what I need to adjust my perspective.

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