Aug 16, 2012

five months

(Technically, Colin won't be five months for a few more days, but who really keeps up with these minute details?  Someone who doesn't have a a preschooler and a baby, that's who.)

We have reached that golden period of babyhood when a rolly, bouncy, giggly, curious, silly baby replaces the tiny, snuggly newborn.  Notice that I seem to have already forgotten how much crying newborns do.  That's probably because we don't have so much crying around these parts anymore.  Of course, there's the normal amount of I need your undivided attention right now! baby wailing, but really, Colin is just squishy and happy.  We get so many smiles and giggles.  We've even started to get some games.  Here's how you play:
Look at Colin.
Tell him he's cute.
He will dissolve into giggles and bury his face in my shoulder.
He will look back at you, eyes big

Colin has decided that pureed baby food is not his thing.  Instead, he prefers to eat what everyone else is eating, just a little smaller.  Black beans, pasta, cauliflower, green beans, whatever.  He will not be held back by not having any teeth.

Also, daycare?  Amazing.  His teachers are so loving and sweet, and he's so happy to be there.  He's happy to see me too, and that feeling is beyond wonderful.  In fact, this boy seems to charm all of his caregivers.  Babysitters, nursery workers at church all tell me how much they love him, what a perfect baby he is.  Not to brag or anything. 

Cara still adores her baby brother, and the feeling is definitely mutual.  He will stop fussing as soon as she comes over to talk to him.  His little face just lights up when he sees her. 

On top of all the amazing babyness, check this out:

No, he's not just smashing his face into the floor for no reason.  See him pushing those little legs?  The boy is trying to crawl.  He can get his shoulders up or his booty up, and it's only a matter of time before he figures out how to get them both going together.  In the meantime, he pushes that little booty up and face-plants ahead.  I kind of hope he takes a few more months to really figure out that crawling thing.  I would like to hold on to this golden babyhood just a little while longer.


  1. He is just so cute!!! Time goes so, so fast. I feel like he was just born. Same with my baby! :)

  2. 5 months is when I started trying to get pregnant with Emmy--Jackson just seemed so big and grown up--I needed another baby! Thank God it took a while; I was crazy! :)


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