Aug 3, 2012


little chevron circles that became...

an adorable mobile!

nursing snuggles

she's taking notes, folks

*sigh* I can't stand it.  He's too squishy.

We couldn't leave him in that pink exersaucer forever.  My friend graciously lent us this slightly less pink one.

The day she wants to cut it off will break my heart.  But for now, she wants it as long as possible.

"You can't take a picture of me right now, mom.  I'm too busy cooking."

This girl is totally distracted by Curious George.  There is no getting through to her.  Please note the empty kitchen and dollhouse behind her.  I wonder where all those toys are...

I have been in a funk this week.  I've been dreading the end of summer--taking Colin to daycare--getting up super early--rushing through the evenings--having to take a shower every day--none of it sounds like much fun.  However, I'm working through an attitude adjustment.  Colin has been doing better during the night, so that's helping in a big way; when he's waking up three and four times a night, going back to work feels overwhelming, but he's only woken up once for the past few nights.  I have finished several sewing projects that were on my list, so I'm down to three left.  I'm spending a little extra time with the babies today, trying to fill up some love tanks.  A dip in the baby pool is just what I need to adjust my perspective.


  1. I love that chevron mobile. Thinking of going back to work is tough. And the end of summer's late laid back mornings. No wonder you are in a funk. Hope that dip in the baby pool did you good. Have a great week! (stopping by from Life.Rearranged)

  2. THAT MOBILE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your chevron mobile is so cute!!! Your kids are adorable! Stopping by from Life Rearranged:-)

  4. Thanks! I was super happy with how the mobile turned out! I loosely followed this tutorial (, in case anyone is interested in trying it out.

  5. Enjoy your last bit of summer life!

  6. I always enjoy your "Instadump" posts...what a great idea!

  7. How could you not be bummed about going back to work when those kids of yours are SO incredibly cute!! But I am sure that after that first week or two, you will find your groove and make this two kids and a full time job (not to mention a hubby or a house) look like a piece of cake!! (by the way, I always analyze my comments to ensure I use the most proper grammar I can think of, just because I know you are an English teacher and I was always a suck up student! haha!)

  8. Fabulous mobile!! Your daughter's hair is gorgeous. I always wanted long hair like that when I was her age. Beautiful.

  9. That mobile is adorable! I just saw another blogger's baby bedroom decorated in chevron, I'll have to link to her... and oh, that hair! I love your little one's mane!


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