Aug 13, 2012


I am stuck in the purgatory of planning.  Nothing has started, nothing has ended, nothing is happening.  And yet, there are meal plans and lesson plans, plans for the morning and plans for the evening, plans for packing backpacks and lunches, plans that never work.  And the questions...How much time will we have? How many bottles does Colin need? Do I have to put things in this order? Did I remember to buy all the groceries? When will my students get their textbooks?  This is not my favorite place.  Two kids, a husband, and a full-time job make me believe that life will not go on if I haven't planned for it.  Or I guess it will go on, but we won't have anything clean to wear or healthy to eat.

I am wasting time now to figure out the best use of time later when I really just want to dive in and do


  1. Ohhhh planning purgatory... I know it well! Good luck with your dive into doing!


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