Aug 5, 2012

sailboat tops in flowers

I made Cara two new "back to school" tops, even though she's not exactly going "back to school."  I originally planned to make her an entire outfit, but time got away from me.  Two little tops will do for now, and I'm sure I can find a weekend soon to make her a little skirt to match. :-)

Both of these tops were made with the Oliver and S Sailboat Top pattern.  As with all Oliver and S patterns that I have made so far, this one was easy to follow and included lots of cute details like curved hems and decorative topstitching.  I especially appreciate that the finished product always feels quite professional but handmade at the same time.

Sailboat Top #1 (sleeves shortened because, let's face it, summer hangs around SC until October most years):

The fabric is the same rayon challis that I used for my Taffy blouse.  It was such a pain to work with on a top this tiny, and I'm not sure why.  However, I'm glad it's a really busy pattern because I made plenty of mistakes, as I always do on my first try with a new pattern.  And I had some major tension issues with my sewing machine.  Grrr...

Cara and I made a special shopping trip to pick out the perfect buttons.  This top features purple glitter hearts on one shoulder and blue on the other.  She's such a little fashionista.

A 3T fits her perfectly right this very second.  I should probably go ahead and buy the next size up in this pattern before I make the matching skirt if I want her to wear it through the fall.

Sailboat Top #2 (sleeveless)

I adore this fabric.  Cara found it on the sale table at Hancock (seriously, she found it.  She's my fabric shopping sidekick), and I think it's cotton lawn.  Definitely not quilting cotton, but still definitely cotton.  At $2.50 a yard, I couldn't leave any of it there.  

more sparkly heart buttons because they're just perfect

she's awesome.


  1. Great tops, even better model! So adorable!

  2. Thanks, Erin! There was definitely a lollipop involved in this photo shoot. ;-)

  3. Those are such great versions of the top (I love the idea of the sleeveless sailboat top). I've had that pattern for ages but somehow have never gotten around to making the probably has something to do with my laziness when it comes to tracing patterns!

    1. I have this one as a digital pattern tracing going on around here. I'm way too lazy for that. Just hit print. ;-)

  4. Oh my goodness, the little sparkly hearts!!
    I really need to get on top of my little sewing goal I'd set for myself. Not having a sewing machine makes me cringe though. I know it can be done, I just feel like it'll be waaaaaaay too much work considering that there is a such thing as sewing machines these days!

  5. ok, I am relatively sure the answer is yes, but have you gone to Mary Jo's fabrics in Gastonia? You and Ms. Cara would love it. There are many, many, many buttons for her to choose from, and tons of girly fabrics.


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