Aug 9, 2012

this week

Welp, it's been quite a week.  Colin started daycare, and he proved (again) that he's a champ and daycare is awesome.  He's happy when I leave him, and he's happy when I pick him up.  His teacher texts me a time or two throughout the day to tell me that everything is great.  I even get a picture if I'm lucky.

Colin at daycare, obviously soooo upset about it.

Sleeping through the night is still not high on Colin's priority list.  Whatev.  I'm kind of enjoying those midnight and 4 am snuggles since we're not snuggling all day long anymore.  I hope I can still say that when I have to be up at *cough, cough* 5:30 am next week...

my early morning cuddle bug

The most exciting thing this week, by far, has been Cara's haircut.  We've had a bit of haircut drama in the past, but Cara is now a big girl.  Her main worry was that cutting her hair would hurt, but I assured her that haircuts do not cause pain unless they are bad haircuts.  Which hers would not be because my dad's sweet wife Kaz would be taking very good care of her.

At the beginning, Cara was still a bit nervous, so she required a little Granddaddy hand-holding.

Colin was like "it's cool."

haircut, continued

Colin was like, "still hanging out, guys."

Things started to get pretty funny, especially after Cara sneezed a huge piece of MULCH out of her nose. OMG, THREE YEARS OLD.

She is not cheesing at all.  Not. At. All.

Miss FancyPants and her gorgeous new hair

In other non-child related news, I got my first haircut in NINE months and my first pedicure in A YEAR.  I feel better now.


  1. Jessica, she is SO GORGEOUS! And I'm so happy that the transition to daycare has been easy on you and Colin. What precious babies you have!

  2. That is an absolutely beautiful picture!!

  3. Gorgeous girl and so glad there were no tears! Yay for big girl Cara! And YAY for mom for getting hair and pedicure! Moms need pampering too, for sure!


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